The inspiration behind “The Spiritual Guide to our Husband to make a happy Wifey”

To be “together”, Eliyahu Eliezer! Bs’d

Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !

This is a time to take a trip home. Right now, I’m on a bus driving through the territories of the holy land near the holy city of Jerusalem. This is really intense typing on my new gift from my family from London. The moment is deeply awakening my sense and need to express in the written form. Hopefully, please G-d only words of thanks, positivism and wholesomeness in all that G-d blesses us. The unity of the flow of time, soul and place all combining in Oneness as we reach the entrance of our destination. New live tools allow us to grow and express the inner voice that beckons us all to take a trip home. However, this time realizing this has to be done together!

photo (1)It all starts in a time where the need to complete tasks with supposed success brings us pain. The real success is the profound belief that all will be done in the right time and place with the right people with patience. The guiding force in our life is always with us, helping us discover this inner voice and truth that binds us all together with real success. A success that last forever! Which realization allows us to achieve complete happiness and convert the pain to satisfaction. The sun is setting behind the clouds and the motion sickness prevents the revelation from being expressed in short. This is a long story and one which we will have to begin and end together.

Here’s the goals of the new book bs’d!

  • 1.To bring out the soul of my mission in the form of humorous novel.

2. The story will be about a fictional person living in Israel. In clip form.

3. He is from England, he fell in love with his beautiful best friend from University and somehow found his life changing from Secular to Spiritual.

4. The main awakenings are in Israel where everything seems to flow and how his relationship with people matures.

5. The struggle with money, society and personal issues.

6. The ability to sing in the form of words written and pictured.

7. The beginning of marriage and child rearing.

8. The streets and plans and action to make a difference for the youth culture.

9. The re connection on line to the people of the past and world.

  • 10.The awakening of a real search for truth among-st a world gone mad, as Moshiach is almost here, Bkorov mamesh soon in our days complete togetherness, amen!

For advice and help to professionally edit and print this new book please email !

Or ask my Wifey to hold back her punches and the attempt to withhold this creative spark!


4 thoughts on “The inspiration behind “The Spiritual Guide to our Husband to make a happy Wifey”

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