Make your relationship time, focused! With a glimpse at our new book “Husband, Wifey happy”

The computer in the toilet / bathroom syndrome!


Nowadays it’s become clear the dangers of addictions and addictive personalities. The internet in all circles of society has had an effect on communication individually and communally. The positive goal is to unify the voice of the individual on a global scale. However, as every good Rabbi has pointed out, “it’s much easier to have good relationship with someone far away than a close neighbor.” Even more so a close relative and even more so our Husband and Wifey!

The challenge is huge, even for our Husband like this, as we all know that every minute the phone rings, the text buzzes and emails with pokes and jokes hit you from every direction.  Let’s say our Husband and Wifey are on a higher plain than someone who feels the need to be on line and connected 24/7. And we don’t even mean 24/6 for those keeping Shabbat/ the 7th day of rest/ Shabbos. Rather, our Husband and Wifey don’t even have internet or a computer in the house.  Our Husband works in an office with on line access in order to help great causes of education and helping poor children. Gathering funds to pay for these fortunate ones come out of their unfortunate circumstances. While our Husband is doing P.R. and S.E.O. in order to strengthen this institute’s name. Even though most people feel the need to be on line 24/7 or 6 to achieve this kind of work. Our ideal Husband thinks he can accomplish all the above goals, with a phone that is big enough to snowboard on and old enough just to make a phone call as long it’s in an area where maybe there might be some service.

The plan of our Husband is to focus on his relationship with Wifey and holy growing family. However, we make plans and G-d laughs or rather gives us further room to grow. A well-meaning friend and mentor had an old computer that he no longer needed. A laptop computer was the size of a desktop almost. Our Husband of our story had a fund raising event and needed a bit more on-line time than his office hours provided. The Husband next door neighbor had an internet connection and gave him the code for a previous story of job change. The new/old laptop/desktop computer needed a wireless key and after 80 shekels in a cool store in the new bus station our Husband was on line in his own home. Only costing 80 shekels and some needed storage place to keep this new monster away from the kids, our Husband was on line and connected in the home. The updated plan of our Husband was to use this new set up only in toilet time and late night networking with American friends on-line that time.

However, the toilet syndrome began; as this old fart computer took ages to turn on and being the fan was broken this time machine would overheat and turn off. Our Husband realized he needed top M.L.M. strategy to make the most of this, firstly to turn it on in advance and secondly quickly put in the code and quickly do what was needed to be done. The bottom line was task left undone or not done properly. The new time waster was waiting for it to cool down to start up again until one day this Hi-Tec oven fell crashed and the fan turned on! Now our Husband was in big trouble as things went on the computer took over hours of time, toilet time and beyond. Wifey complained and threatened a few times to throw this junk out the window. The Husband showed her she could get her children to sit and watch pictures to use up their child like energies in an easy distracted way. However, Wifey wasn’t to be won over as easy as she saw their personal connecting time dwindle into more networking and the longest toilet/bathroom sessions humanly possible. Wifey preferred for the kid’s creative flow arts and crafts, rather than this old/new monster impinging on their lives. Anyhow, an old computer and wireless key dropped on the floor one to many times ended the tyranny of this new found idol. The worldwide awakening of the addictiveness etc… of on line inter-net ended the neighbor’s free connection and a move of house a few months later finished completely this midnight intruder. And now Husband’s old computer sits in a bag collecting dust somewhere and Wifey gets potentially her needed and important connection time.  The kids happily return to their arts and crafts and the world seems to brighten. Until a new brand new laptop finds itself in our Husband’s hands. No inter-net in the house, but instead an opportunity to write this spiritually guiding story for a happy Husband and Wifey on many a bus journey (car sickness permitted).


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