A special time to receive an important gift, happy healthy summer “guide” needed!

The Beetle bugs and more from above!

cheesecakeThis is an extra story inspired by the summer months, a time of potential growth with milk and honey, the sweetness of Husband and Wifey happy.

However, with every time of peace there is a time of war. As we began this book so we shall end it, but this time the invading army of insects are of the beetle bug kind. Recently in the Holy land around the time of Pesach / Passover there was an invasion of Arbeh / Locusts reaching world news as a special hint to the Plague that originated in Egypt / Mitzrayim. This story was years before when the children were still babies and time for Wifey and Husband to have alone time including special quiet meals together was a reality. The problem was the unwanted guests, also wanted to be there and we’re not talking about the beloved crying babies. Moving into a new apartment with more space and a nice balcony to make a meal together Wifey worked hard to cook up a storm. Wifey chose with satisfaction her latest yummy recipe’s and set a table fit for her King on their newly acquired balcony. Little did Wifey know that her Husband hadn’t invited guests this time they gatecrashed from above. As Husband complimented Wifey and prepared to be seated, so did 1000’s of black beetle bugs descend on their finely set meal of togetherness? The strangest invasion of aliens would’ve been less evasive as this summer the Beatles came alive and in numbers. Therefore, Husband and Wifey reached a new level of closeness and I mean that literally, closed up in the apartment, Wifey screeching and our Husband fighting them off while desperately trying to salvage their special meal and time. So with this in mind our Husband and Wifey appreciate their quiet time these days even if it has to be much later and sometimes inside due to unwanted mosquitoes. As the main thing is to connect at some point with food beetle bug free and our Husband smiling at our Wifey happily even if the test from above challenges this union, we must all keep focused and wanting “Husband Wifey happy”


4 thoughts on “A special time to receive an important gift, happy healthy summer “guide” needed!

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    The summer is here in the holy land and don’t bug out! In 2 weeks today we receive a special gift for the whole year to guide us on our way, please help us to make this gift for all of us needy people filled with “husband, Wifey happy” 🙂 the teenagers and more are next..

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