Mother’s day special – Remember what’s this house is all for, to fill with happiness, a real gift!

The Clean/Dirty/Black floor syndrome!

Now this story begins with our Husband growing up in a house or let’s says a palace, where it was difficult to find a speck of dust. Not that his mother didn’t go around looking, with plastic gloves on, Jay Cloth ready, sprays and licked finger ready to inspect the immaculate surfaces of the floors. Even more so the sinks shinned better than a mirror with some being constantly attended with the goal to never be used almost, just to shine. The toys had special places, rooms and the couches in the Lounge were not to be sat on. Don’t even think about walking on the carpets with your shoes on, and complete devotion to the cleaners and hoovers that came daily. However our Husband must grow up and move on to his own humble abode with Wifey. Wifey grew up in an opposite story and rather than go in to details let’s start of in Husbands, Wifey home.

Picture a house filled with Toddlers and babies, the house is only big enough for newly married couples and we already had the bug and insect invasion stories. There’s a funny story our Husband heard from Rav Moshe Weinberger shlita about Cockroaches/Bugs which in Hebrew are called Charakim, and were invading the house of a different Wifey. However, the new immigrant/ Oleh from America was still working on her Ulpan/Hebrew learning course. This Wifey phoned up an exterminator and mistakenly said “Hello, there are Charedim (word meaning pious group i.e. a group from the Jewish people trembling for the word of G-d) on my balcony,  and I hate them” the exterminator surprisingly says “look lady I neither love or hate them but we got to get along with them”. This Wifey continues “but they make lots of children and are taking over”, the exterminator responds “yeah their known for this kind of lifestyle, but what’s that got to do with me”. This Wifey frustrated continues “but we got to kill them all already” the exterminator says adamantly, “look we all got to learn to live together happily whether we like them or not” Ha ha, so our Husband in our story wasn’t as troubled with this kind of stories and usually his Wifey just cleaned up the mess that brought the bugs there, filled in the holes and got on with her life, exterminator free. However, our Husband couldn’t tolerate the mess the wonderful beloved children caused. Tired Wifey wasn’t up to daily, hourly clean ups and preferred to clean up when the time truly called for it, but our Husband was used to the highest of Ritzy standards and he couldn’t tolerate the dirty floors. Our husband friend and learning partner clarified that there’s nothing wrong with living with black floors, “better the children shine rather than the door handles and windows shine instead”. The truth be told Wifey was doing a good job of cleaning at the end of every week so the weekend and the Shabbos Queen could be greeted with the honor She so deserves. And our Husband developed a Syndrome known as the Sweeping addict. Once again our Husband heard a lofty tale of old where one of the Righteous famous Beadles Rav Tzvi Hersh Rimanover later to become the Rebbe himself had been known to sweep the floor with lofty intentions, e.g. cleaning away all the negative external forces that troubled the worshipers in Prayer.  The original Rebbe Rav Mendel of Rimanvoer saw the way his Beadle cleaned out the Shul of all unholy thoughts and yearned for such a sweeping even on the day of Rav Tzvi Hersh’s wedding day. Many years later a simple Jew was given the privilege of sweeping out the Shul for the Divrei Yechezkal aka the Shinver Rebbe son of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz. This simple Chassid decided in his simplicity that he wanted the same intentions as the holy Beadle of Rimanover even though he didn’t know what they were and in Heaven they should consider his sweeping as if it was so. When the Shinver Rebbe walked in, he bellowed “whose been sweeping this Shul”, very scared our Chassid responded “I did” the Shinver continued “and what were your intentions” the Chassid in fear responded “ the same intentions whatever the holy Beadle of Rimonver  had”, the Shinver lit up “Ah such holiness has been created here that its pours out this Shul”.


And so the our Husband hoped his sweeping addiction could also have some holy purpose, but mostly it just came as an insult to Wifey’s attempt to run the house properly. Every Wifey is house proud and the holiest thing our Husband can do is compliment Wifey and her house, or at least keep his mouth shut and broom stored away until the end of the day, not every time he walked into her humble abode.

The point is that it’s more important that Wifey shines with happiness and then the children shine with joy and then the house smells of positivity than our Husband giving into the Clean floors Syndrome.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s day special – Remember what’s this house is all for, to fill with happiness, a real gift!

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