Our Husband is responsible not to lose this World and the next!

Let’s see where our Husband went wrong as its more fun this way, on a daily basis the children our rarely handed over to his control and responsibility. Our Husband is way too focused on where he needs to go and other important pulls to really make the children feel secure. Are we being too hard on our Husband? No, as listen to this, one time many years ago our little children would come with our Husband to learn with a special Old Rabbi and Judge/Dayan. The class was next to one of the biggest Shul’s/Synagogue/World prayer center in the world. The children came excitingly to witness this holy meeting get a good Zach/sweet and enjoy the buzz of being with Daddy/Tatty. Now our Tatty our Husband was one of those guys that like to Chup/grab a quick afternoon Mincha/prayer service, and in this world center you could find a group of men/minyan very easily. While our Husband Chupped and ran from the bathroom back to the prayer room, while drinking a tea, phoning a friend, greeting a pal and giving charity to the one of many collectors there, our children got lost in the midst of Tatty’s positive chaos.  Our children were unsure what to do and got more and more lost in the endless corridors, and as time went by they decided to walk the long walk home along highways and parks without their Tatty. Our Husband was going nuts with worry, and out of fear for our Wifey’s wrath of losing her precious ones was scared to phone her. A friend of our Husband saw our children walking along a road by themselves; he helped them cross the road and sent them in the right direction towards their home. In the meanwhile after running around the huge World center and accepting defeat our Husband phoned home. Wifey asked in an everything is fine voice “How are the kids doing” while the children who had in the mean while returned home were shaking and traumatized breathlessly in front of her. Our Husband innocently replies, “They’re doing great Wifey, they’re enjoying every minute, we will be home soon”. Our Wifey responds a bit more irate “but there all standing right in front of me!” She continues, “Why?” Asked Wifey, “How?”, “What?”, “When?” and “You complete idiot etc. etc.”! So thank G-d, the little ones have a heavenly protection and made it home, but every Husband needs to be more responsible to make Wifey and Children securely happy!


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