The treats that are healthy Husbands and the bagels and ice coffees with any magazine for our Wifey’s!

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We already introduced our Husband’s top advice to make sure that the beast is well fed before returning to Wifey at home with a song on his lips and smile in his eyes. However, we didn’t mention an even important guide to Happy Wifey; Happy Husbands need to buy Treats that are healthy, with exceptions bagels and ice coffees, constantly checking before returning home if there is anything needed food wise specifically before returning home. We’re talking about real whole wheat bagels filled with healthy Tuna and Salad, real ice coffees made from a machine that ice cream like froth pours forth with at least a ton of Nescafe coffee added and milk that even in the holy land was added fresh that day! Now salads go down very well even on a rainy day, as long as its assortments include bagels and Tuna, and don’t forget the ice coffee. Hot meals are a requisite to healthy happy homes especially during the pregnancies. Truth be told, our Husband needs to be prepared to travel far, at any time at night, any kinds of food, with any kind of mixes of the most unusual foods. And then there’s Shabbos /the day of rest and pleasure, including Chocolate nuts,milk-chocolate-nuts-and-fruits any kind of glossy magazine, flowers that come ready to go. As flowers bought on the street is usually an unappreciated waste of money as they require Wifey with pruning, preparing fresh water and vase, while remembering to chuck the droopy flowers out before the mid-week stink. Our Wifey goes for the almost real fake flower look which requires the minimum of tender loving care. Like we said the main thing in the home is the focus that relationship shines with the Husband, Wifey and children all having time for each other, before all the extra desired goods. Not undermining the amazing power of homemade Challos over bought Challos, rather which the main Shabbos treat are yummy children. Its true getting the candles ready by our Husband is all part of the holy rectification of bringing more light into the home, especially when Wifey lights them 20-40 minutes before sunset depending on which country you live. The main point to remember is being more generous to each other, as this will be our Husbands for sure brownie points winner, e.g. kindly buying lunch before the Shabbos rush or pizza after a long chaotic day.iced-coffee-drink Making many hot drinks shouldn’t be underestimated, as the power of warmth this generates, even when its decaf, for hot chocolate addicts, and healthy homemade cookies all add to the connected spirit that our Husband and Wifey build.

Food is a must with relationship building, as whoever heard of a successful business deal without a business lunch first, a Lchaim to seal the deal and an even bigger Lchaim after the money of the deal comes in. We are not talking about before alcohol anonymous type treats, but rather healthy treats that bridge unity that is long lasting healthy satiation with a smile.

And then there’s the Purim Mishloach Manot and life gets really interesting, my advice find a Wifey keeps it simple and classy at the same time 😀

We all need a guide to make sense of “Husband, Happy Wifey”


Thank G-d for friends and constructive criticism. Like everything in the whole picture of life and history of man, our Creator and ultimate Guide gave us a complete helping hand to get it right. Every day comes our way huge amount of instructions and sign posts of what’s the right way to go with our life and important relationships. Our Husband on a recent bus journey was revealing his inner yearning to have a happy home. Our Husband had the good fortunate to be pointed towards this guide “Husband, happy Wifey”. Astounded as he read this important Guide he realized how much it applied to himself and would be good for Wifey too. The problem is that many Husbands feel above these kind of Guides, but he hoped that like his friend who had recommended him this important Guide, his friend’s Wifey had been the one to push this Husband to gain from the advice within. Our Husband started to ponder all the different points as he went from bus journey to journey, after day to day challenges. The abstract points and stories of the Guide definitely needed more clarification, so after our Husband contacted the Guide himself, was able to clearly learn from the Guide and other sources he suggested, how to apply this much needed crucial focus. However, our Husband was left with a burning question “What about Wifey’s? Do they never make mistakes? Are we to consider them perfect and is all the hard work on us Husbands?”


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