List of problems from Builder bob’s OII-

Faucets flying of the wall causing flooding in the apartment and the neighbors below, with a real plumber showing us the garbage that builder bob claimed was all 100% the best.

Claiming the kids were jumping on the faucets when the oldest was only five years old.

Hot tap not working with the handle to turn on and off water the wrong way round.

The security gate bars fell out when our 1 and a half year old banged it closed, which was repeated numerous, every time Builder bob 100% came to fix it, it fell off again, some security gate!

The Balcony bar falling out with 4 floor drop and a hole created that a little child could g-d forbid fall through.

The lock on the balcony door was broken and he claimed needed replacing the door completely, which repair man years later replaced in 5 minutes.

The divider door which was meant to be opened fully to make a room bigger was made the wrong round and wouldn’t be fixed by Builder bob to open properly.

The bathroom built in the bedroom with not enough space for beds, when claimed 100% there’s room.

The front handle broke after a few week, 100% guaranteed.

The aluminum boards used to enclose part of the balcony were not put in right and almost fell over and killed G-d forbid passersby’s. Builder bob came and fixed it sticking the same amazing 100% glue and cloth pegs in the gaps that will hold it forever, not.

The electricity for the washing machine, claim that there was enough connection for the dryer which burned out and almost caused a fire, Which then Builder bob came and botched up a jimmi fix it, with our extension cord with some holes in the all in a matter of minutes.

Every time we phoned to come fix it builder bob responded “100% I’m on the way” and only showed up weeks later, with interesting sob stories and smiles of 1000 apologies.

Every time he came he would gaze at his masterpiece and asked even to send people as an advertisement for his great work.

And our Husband wasn’t free of Builder bob as every day he would turn up to fix things in the building which all ended up broken and short lasting.

There are more things to mention like faulty light fittings which weren’t guaranteed 100% and took a year to check them out while our children sat in darkness. And after a year Builder bob came and said oh sorry the guarantee 100% is over as it was only for a year.

And with the Sukkah boards that needed to be stored coincided with a child being run over in the street, caused builder bob to be the savior and he never made it back to help store them properly.

All our husband and Wifey can say is thank G-d for builder bob and “only in Israel” where we are guaranteed 100% a big reward in the next world for all these tests and trials.

One thing to add was Builder bob sometimes worked with his cool children and they added to the party more than Bill and Ben with real unprofessional botch up jobs while enjoying free drinks on our bill on tap.

To sum up the “only in Israel” OII, the house warming party to coincide with our husbands students before they left to America, was in a house with no lighting and toilet. And even then we already told you about the botched up toilet story at the beginning of the book where the plumbing used to get blocked way to easily. And a Rebbe who usually only said well about everything, commented on the lack of lighting out of worry for our Husband’s situation. The students loved the blackout effect and as all good Husbands, especially our Husband tried his best to make happy Wifey OII.


4 thoughts on “BUILDER’S STORIES, “ONLY IN ISRAEL, OII” part 2!

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