The struggle that unites us all, especially our Husband and Wifey!

“Our Husband and Wifey were living almost 20 years happily, (pause) before they met each other!”

DSC08021Everyone knows that as times goes on the struggles of mankind get more intense and potentially stressful. It takes tremendous will and focus to ignore all the growing distractions and be in a peaceful state of mind and heart. Every person hopefully honestly grows and struggles, especially our Husband and Wifey, to find this point of unity and happiness. It has been already explained that marriage is building a family and requires real struggle and determination. Not giving up is the only option and our Husband and Wifey have realized that humor is a life saver amongst this entire struggle. As a special Rebbe and teacher in Jerusalem recently said “Go ahead and smile,” in fact he exhumes Happiness and Humor in all he does. This Rebbe has given many a time needed advice to our Husband and Wifey encouraging them to appreciate each other’s inherent goodness and qualities. This Rebbe even phoned our Husband and Wifey Erev-Pesach (the busiest time of year are the days before Passover, even the days Passover in haste!) to make sure our Husband’s focus is on our Wifey and is filled with compliments and inspiration! So how can our Husband entertain us with more tales of woe with a smile? Stories of struggle that in-liven us all to our chosen mission in this world with a laugh. As this Rebbe once said all Americans love to laugh and the question is how can we struggle and still keep our sense of humor and joy, and not just laugh for laughing sake. As our Husband is always trying to avoid and escape the struggle. This means our Husband need to laugh more and it should be with content, not acting off line or out of line and posting on line with nonsense. This also means deep thought and sharp wit, not at anyone’s expense, rather at our selfish, escapist evil inclinations loss!

This Rebbe is helping with every part of our Husband and Wifey’s life, kind words of inspiration and prayer help in ways beyond words. However, the bottom line is our Husband and Wifey need to struggle themselves in the daily battle to believe and survive this intense time of spiritual, emotional and financial upheaval.

firey rebbeOur Husband won’t burden you with the details as it’s already known without too much expansion. As all the stories of upheaval these days are exposed and public knowledge, including the endless challenges of today’s world and individuals. The newspapers and media themselves already emphasize way too much the negative aspects of the struggle or lack of it. But everyone reading this Guide all know, just as our Husband and Wifey know, deep down the inner struggle to be a real success and achieve happiness seems almost beyond reach. Little do we realize how much everyone is going through the same eternal struggle just to progress a little more in our own homes and selves? Talking to others our Husband and Wifey realize time and time again how much this is a struggle that unites us all. A group called Struggle group inspired<-, offers daily posts of struggles with people like our Husband and Wifey. These daily struggle constantly remind other people that this is a struggle we are truly experiencing together. This all is really awakening something inside us all, whether it’s wanted yes or no. Our Husband and Wifey spend much time opening others to their struggles, while growing together in their own struggles. The biggest comfort is amongst all the struggles we go through together, is that the struggle itself is the main purpose of why we are all here! If we can laugh, smile, sing and still dance after every struggle, or even better during every struggle itself then we have achieved something really important and made big headway in our Husband’s struggle together with Wifey. Now they both have met after almost 20 years of lack of struggles together, they learn to enjoy the struggle of Husband, Wifey happy!


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