shidduch is never too late

Its never too late as there is always a second chance! So we already talked about returning home and opening the door with our Husband happily smiling to Wifey and the blessed kinderlach/ children/ boobalahs. Then there is a time of the week, really the climax of the week, the blessed day of rest, and the weekend, Shabbat / Shabbos. This is a whole different smile and being together with the family. If someone not Jewish or thinking he’s not Jewish is reading this blog, then the lesson for you is simple. Please turn of your phones, gadgets, faxes, emails, iPads, iPhones, iEgo and anything else that block’s you from being really communicative and focused. Now it’s the true day of rest, the whole world centers around this special moment of meeting, with our Husband greeting happily our Wifey and children, Shabbat Shalom (everyone knows shalom means peace), “Good Shabbos and hi, how you all doing?”

Now what happens when Wifey response is not looking so good, in fact she looks exhausted and the children have made havoc. Our Husband breaths deeply smiles and begins singing Shalom Aleichem welcoming in the new Shabbos Angels for the new blessing of the week!

key chalah

However, sometimes our Husband is exhausted too after a rough week of exile and sweating a lot just to make a few loaves. This culminates in real frustration of children driving each other crazy and ignoring any pleas of mercy just to sit nicely and behave with etiquette and manners. Shalom Aleichem song turns into a squeal of “sit down or else” and after a few warnings, the anticipated family together has turned into a war of wills. Our Husband has already had enough after 2 minutes at home and Wifey looks on despondently when she was already dealing with hours of hardship. “Right” screams our Husband, “off to bed you children go” and quickly like a prison guard prods all his catch off to their cell. Our children crying and pleading for mercy our unheeded and the door is closed with our Husband huffing and puffing back to a far from pleased Wifey. “I work hard the whole week” mumbles our Husband, “and we need just a little peace and quiet” not being able to look Wifey in the eyes. Wifey responds not impressed “I work hard the whole week too, and preparing the house, cloths, children and food is no small achievement, and the climax of it all, you won’t even let the children eat with us and have special family time?”

“Why can’t you come home with smiles, songs and get us all into positive family mood”


Our Husband concedes defeat, slumps into the chair and calls out to our children who had already reappeared with plea’s in their eyes. “Shalom Aleichem kinder and Wifey” he jumps up smiling and claps his hand, “let’s get it right this time” Shalom Aleichem with chorus and harmony begins the take two of family time with Husband, happy Wifey.

So this story brings us to the secret of success in relationships and all world history, which hard times break ups, arguments, broken relationships and communication will bring us to a stronger and more honest deeper eternal connection.

chupahWhere do we see this most strongly, other than our Husbands funny antics, Wifey knows the answer. Just look at all of Jewish history and you will see a constant picture of marital strife between us the unfaithful Wifey with our Holy Husband Hashem/ G-d. However, this always brings out a stronger bond and revelation of mercy with longing for re-connection. Our Wifey has to often overlook our Husbands constant mistakes with the view that overall their deep love for each other is what it’s all really about and all these little skirmishes are just what they are, little moments for our Husband to focus himself more. The other day our Husband really lost the plot with a mother-in-law encounter and our Wifey was left crying. We all know the oldest joke around since the beginning of time. The first man got in a lot of trouble as he had no mother-in-law to blame his behavior for. However, our Husband remembered that as his Wifey’s heart was breaking the most important thing to do is apologize from a very sincere place and placate his Wifey before it’s too late. Pleading for mercy and forgiveness our Husbands sincerity for connection turns a very bitter situation sweet.

shabbat shabbos

As our Husband is blessed with this take two or second chance approach, or third attempt at marital peace etc.

Our Husband will now in the first place provide this constant sincere attention in positive  circumstances that truly create Husband, happy Wifey with Shalom eternal more, well at least for now a nice family Shabbos/Shabbat meal together!

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 speech positive midnightrabbi guideThis almost a Steven King horror story and if for some holy reason you don’t know who Steven King is, just imagine he’s the King of the Demons exposing all the horrors you can’t even imagine. What could really unsettle this “Husband, Wifey happy” goal of our book other than real disaster style stories which would really be a waste of all our time to write about. The key word is the correct speech or rather positive speech or for lack of and worse negative speech or let’s more nicely say not positive speech!

Our Husband had been away in London fundraising not so successfully for a worthy program for the youth and the culture shock on his return was a lot. The fancy life style of London people had left its mark plus the lack of sleep which kept our Husband somewhat disorientated. Our Wifey was eagerly awaiting our Husbands return with the young rabble excitedly hanging on to her dress. The private cab/taxi with our Husband more successful fundraising companion had ordered to bring them back from the airport had its comfort zone to cushion the change to dusty hot and holy Israel. As our Husband draws close tiredly back to his home in the holy new day of beautiful Jerusalem he leaves the driver with his card and a present of music that he’d been given in London which he was happy to have left there. Our Wifey stands at the entrance of the building smiling and waving as their cab/taxi pulls into the road. Our Husband notices his Wifey is wearing a new shirt which he comments to his companion in the Taxi “wow my Wifey looks like she put on weight maybe I should have never come back lol or maybe it’s just the new shirt”, his companion responds with a laugh and wishes him well and our Husband leaves the cab/taxi, our husband holding his bags and Wifey holding her babies unite.

love windowsAfter a while of unpacking our Husband turns to his Wifey and makes the BIG mistake of his marriage so far, and repeats what he said to his fundraising companion in the cab/taxi about Wifey’s new shirt. So let’s not get into this story of what happened after this improper speech from a Husband to a Wifey, but in short Wifey was devastated, broken, shattered, angry, embarrassed and beyond words hurt. Our Husband had in short transgressed one of the 10 commandments of marriage and called Wifey overweight or fat looking or worse frumpy. As much as our Husband tried to explain, back track, be nice, give presents, and beg forgiveness with cries for help, the damage was done. The real problem is this wasn’t an isolated incident as our well-spoken and honest Husband had the habit of making one too many mistakes with his speech. Like when Wifey was after her one of many babies, she really was exhausted and our thoughtful Husband decided to compliment her with how stunning she didn’t look. The words he used was to be exact “You look stunning”, but the problem was Wifey in her tiredness knew he meant “not stunning”. Anyhow, we could go on all day and night where our Husband made the wrong statement again and again, it’s better we save you the pain.

So let’s understand rather what the Baal Shem Tov (appropriately the master of the good name) may his merit protect and bring shalom/peace to our entire Husbands Wifey happy, guide us in the right path to go on. Basically this kind and holy soul the B’sh’t taught us that the thoughts of our Husband effects our children’s behavior, the speech of our Husband effects our relationship with Wifey, and our Husband kind deeds influences the state of house and heritage. 

love zalmi baloonsTherefore, we see the importance of speech being positive, thought out, guided with kindness and common sense niceness to really make our Husband, Wifey happy. This is the deep secret of turning darkness into light, turning our BiG mistakes to BiG change towards encouragement, appreciation from a deep place, connecting with warmth and devotion, truth and consideration, soul and song, inspiration and love. May we all merit saying what we need to say in the right time, place and person always to bring a pleasing aroma with all our words, especially Husband, Wifey happy!

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Don’t be late, for the first date!

Thy husband 2B when arth thou on time for the date?

A summer date and full moon shines in the center of Jerusalem. Spiritually this is all meant to be, decreed from the beginning of Creation, two souls that were really always one. The intense yearning to find the other half is coming to a happy goal, however, in the middle of the dating, off he flies back to London for a family Simcha/ occasion.

The London streets light up as this happy soul returns to his birth place. The husband to be and only to be is rejoicing with his family and friends of old. The only comfort is to his wifey to be, is his half-drunk phone calls of excitement to return, and don’t worry I will be back in time for our next date and  Tay sach’s tests (test for hereditary compatibility before we can confirm the engagement).

The husband to be, thought quickly to himself what’s the point of these tests anyhow? He continued meeting his friends before his flight back.

One more visit from his cousin and commemorating some great pictures from his visit to him in Jerusalem together. His father warns him that he’s going to miss the flight if he doesn’t leave soon. His father wakes him up from his fun when he says that he’s not taking him back to the airport directly, just to the over land train station.

Oih gevalt, they leave quickly hugging his cousin good bye and off they drive to the train station. His father has changed his tune somewhat now feeling guilty “it should work out son, just run to the train and safe flight back to Israel”. He runs and he runs from train to train, his over packed suitcase weighs him down with new presents, mum’s bought new clothes and books he never had time to learn. He meets a fellow runner on their mission to make it in time to the check in counter at the airport. Now they arrive at the terminal and the fellow runner gives his story of the cab breaking down on the high way and paying a small fortune for a second cab, while they travel the special train from Terminal A to B. They run into Departures, it’s a late night flight and all is empty. The fellow runner senses what’s happened and begins to lose his cool. He sees a flight attendant “I’m sorry the flight is closed” Ahhh…

Being a typical husband to be, he had no more money even to go home and who wants to go home. Maybe they won’t let him go back at all to Israel. He looks down and sees a pound coin and uses this heavenly sent pound coin to phones his mother-in-law to be.

She kindly agrees and invites him to stay by her for one night while she will try and squeeze him on his next flight. The mother-in-law had already given her blessings for the engagement, but now she would have to bail him out of this one so he can even get there and make the engagement reality. The little money he has is just enough thank G-d to get him to his mother-in-laws house and off he goes midnight time again. The rabbi who lives next door his mother-in-law agrees to let him stay. The next day before she flies herself to Israel she will try and squeeze him on the same flight. Thank G-d, after a restful sleep at the Rabbi’s house and sorting out the flights to Israel the husband to be was able to come on the same flight as the mother-in-law to be. Now they both had the added incentive of getting to know each other and make his way back to his wifey to be.

He landed just in time for the positive Tay sach’s test and results, and a special Lchaim after the engagement was sealed by the trees outside the Kotel and old city walls of Jerusalem. And that’s where we link back to the Lchaim story on this blog and those special plastic fruits. The husband and Wifey were together, well almost.

GLIMPSE OF a much needed NEW relationship guide BOOK YOU CAN HELP MAKE PUBLIC!


The Spiritual Guide to the Husband to make a happy Wifey, To be “together”, by Eliyahu Eliezer aka The Midnightrabbi inspired, With G-d’s help , and we need it – Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !

The Ant Infestation and smiley cake!

It was a special day of deeds of kindness, as many good husbands attempt to be in the good books and win brownie points. However, as you will tell, this husband needs to read the label more clearly and choose his weaponry more carefully.

The recent attack of ants, one in many beyond description, brought out the warrior and knight in arms in this endearing husband. Grabbing the most easy, cheapest solution that even the rules of Shabbat doesn’t forbid. The cinnamon solution.

What’s the problem with good old fashioned ant spray or even better calling and exterminator. Well this husband had no such thoughts, his goal was using the available cinnamon for cooking and royally pouring it on the problem areas. This of course was on all the those places that ants love to congregate e.g. under the fridge, on the kitchen surfaces, on the door frames, behind the book shelves in the Salon etc… And even more so this warrior of tradition woke up nice and early to do his kind deed when all were asleep so his good deed would have the hidden element of righteousness. It says in the laws of prayer, charity before prayer helps the prayers find favor above, so would his kind deed prepared his wife’s day free of one more stumbling blocks. However, this all was not meant to be, as even cinnamon as a surprised good advice to many a friend does scare away ants, even though leaving a brown tinge to any place its spread. This was not the problem in the plan, it goes much deeper and sweeter, and the special Cinnamon this champion used was really Cinnamon Sugar…

The weary wifey awoke to havoc, not just from the energetic already very alert species of young children, but an ant invasion. The ants came out in all their glory and the children screams and laughs didn’t help her start to the day with much order and calm. A call to the husband quickly clarified the situation as he proudly proclaimed his victory and then sudden defeat as she explained his chosen weapon, was a weapon of mass destruction, Sugar Cinnamon and not cinnamon. Anyhow, who asked you to interfere in the running’s of the house?

And now to the smiley cake story, a polite apology and gesture of peace.

Every husband in the whole world makes mistakes, right? This isn’t a story to excuse this husband’s deeds, but an attempt to correct what went wrong. Maybe it’s possible that the famous holy Rabbi, Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurbach Tz’l could live up to the truth of being a husband that never needed forgiveness. He himself testified at his

largely attended holy wifey and Rebbestin Tz’l funeral that he doesn’t need forgiveness as he never stepped out of line from the obligation of a Jew to G-d and to his fellow man. However, we’re talking about a husband that you and me know very well and probably needs forgiveness every single day and even that is hard in coming. So here’s just one of many of the stories of husbandry fool hardy.

The wife of this endearing young man was baking a yummy cake for the birthday of a lovely young child of theirs. She chose a sponge cake to grace her hungry family and left it settle after its time in the oven. Fortunately for the family it was a big cake that was seasoned with chocolate drops that even the most foolish husband couldn’t ruin. So the husband’s comes with appeasement in his hand, bearing a knife, begins to etch away a smiley face, assuming in his male naivety that his other female half will love the gesture. The large mouth and eyes provide this laughable man with a taste of the yummy cake. With to top it off, he leaves the knife in the mouth, forming the symbol of a cigarette, as if the cake was having a smoke. The wifey returns and enough is enough. Combined that we forgot to mention, this was a pressured time as Shabbos/ Shabbat was approaching and the children  were playing up, now her cake was having a smoke while  laughing at her, and her husband stood smugly expecting a praise and receives a potch (a yiddisha karate chop)!

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The importance of real guidance and 3 kinds of help that our Husband can value Wifey’s help more!

Let’s all admit the truth that we all need help! Dovid Hamelech /the King of Israel and sweet singer divinely inspired sang/ wrote himself that “we all need help”. “And from where will my help (mate) come from”! Wifey herself is called an Aizer / helpmate (In the story of Creation at the beginning of the Torah).

IMG-20150323-WA0029Everyone finds the mate part easy, but to help someone else this is a real challenge. So now we can understand the words from our sweet singer (listen to Yosef Karduner sing psalm 121 and be moved by the feeling behind these special words). This brings our Husband to recall, somewhere inside our Husband memories, deep in his mind and heart a time with Wifey before being called Wifey where the emotions were alive with warmth and excitement of potential unity. This was years ago on their 1st date when our Husband sang and covered this song of psalm 121 in a public setting back then. Our Wifey’s heart opened up to these words and potential soul mate, in divinely inspired timing and song “mayin yavor ‘Ezri” (i.e. translated from Hebrew deeply to mean, “where is my helpmate,”) and these choice timed words our yet to be Husband sang knowing that his 1st date ever was fortunately with his soul mate forever! These words explained above are from psalm 121, titled “Shir lemalot” appropriately, meaning songs that bring us upward!

IMG-20150323-WA0019Wifey is described in the story of Creation as an Eizer Knegdo/ a help mate. Some define this description as a help mate either by Wifey really helping and aiding our Husband do his role, or by Wifey going against our Husband if he misbehaves and thereby coercing him to do His role. Either way, we say that we all need help and the more focus our Husband is on the help (mate), the better. Obviously we know the best help we can find will be from the One who knows our needs the most and can provide them too and who is that you may ask? That is for-sure the Ultimate Guide the Creator of us all. The Ultimate Guide provided us with generations of Guides like His most loyal servant, King David the sweet singer and dedicated one to Israel. This is all amazingly within one line explained already all hinted to in the same deep line mentioned above while summarizing these concepts again for the sake of memory and clarity; 1. Help from beyond yourself with application,2. The helpmate reality and constantly finding and supporting your helpmate with actual kindness and help!And lastly but most importantly 3. One’s self-help. This should be noted by our musical Husband’s friends, as an indication to the best song writer of all time, King David. Not only did he sing and write and guide his people in his time, but left us with a guide book for all time. Musically we can’t imagine how this psalm 121 originally sounded and we all hope and yearn that soon we will hear music again from King David that will put beyond shame the music world today back to silence. Our Husband can see from this 1st line from psalm 121 and the advice we gain mentioned above, how importantly deep the words and the guidance therein. While reminding our Husband this is just one of many such lines in Psalms, and admitting we can’t understand and truly grasp or learn without later generation Guides explaining for us the infamous psalms and its depths! Our Husband’s friend Ari Lesser publically mentioned his whole spiritual awakening came from the power of rapping Psalms. However, to return to our Husband’s point and as pointed out before, there are the guides below too. The more skilled these guides are in providing help the better. One of the ways guides can help is after much personal experiences and training. We all could use some extra advice or even basic advice especially when it comes to the most important objectives in life like Husband, happy Wifey!
To really know who the right person to guide us is a gift from above and like our Husband was taught earlier in this guide, sincere prayer with inner knowledge is the most powerful tool he has to achieve this and anything important in life. A certain realization that the most important person for our Husband to help first is to help himself, as Hillel said in the ‘Sayings of our Father’s’ “If I am not for myself then who will be for me, and if not now then when?” Our Husband repeats these words again and again like a mantra and dedicates himself to truly come to self-help so he can then give properly to Wifey what she really needs. Wifey is generally someone who is always a successful helpmate, no matter what her situation. Then together our Husband and Wifey can help their children, and then their neighbors, then their city, then the whole world, just as the Sanzer Rov “the Divrei Chaim” once said! (May all these holy souls’ merits and sagely advice help us all)! Our Husband himself realized that the Divrei Chaim was always busy with helping the Divrei Chaim truly as a way to succeed before helping anybody else. As anyone who knows about the Divrei Chaim, knows he did truly help the world beyond words and with no selfish motives. So our Husband is helping himself by reading and living the Guide and seeking out real true good healthy beyond selfish advice to help himself.
canabis isur 2And Wifey? Well Wifey always has been a seeker looking for the truth and the help needed. Wifey didn’t need a Guide to wake her up to her healthy help filled mission. Sometimes Wifey went to professionals who when they connected deeply was truly helpful. Wifey used these sessions talking out her pain and growing from the struggles she faced and overcame of growing up in a world of broken hearts and homes. Wifey knew her essence and this kept her striving to face her issues and still function as a Wife and Mother.

canabis isurIt comes down to excepting a huge change of thought and reality as what is the real true success for Wifey and our Husband?The answer is simply an intense struggle itself is the real true success for our Husband and Wifey. The clarity to help ourselves with real true advice to become whole healthy happy people that can truly become One. This slight pain filled struggle is never worth avoiding and in some way will have to be accomplished through our Husbands positive choices and hard self-help or his negative circumstances that force out a desired result albeit in tremendous pain. Our Husband favorite author and scholar, the holy Rav Tzadok Hakohen of Lublin once divinely inspired wrote over 100 years ago in Pri Tzakick / fruit of Righteousness’, “there is the challenge of positive self-help of facing yourself with truth and love, or forced negative self-correction of facing yourself with suffering,” either way we all our destined to return to our true self either with positive help or suffering and pain. Let our Husband choose wisely and Wifey struggle inspired in a way that brings them closer together. Our Husband as depicted in our only in Israel stories, OII has to be Wifey’s receiving support from our Husband. With this approach of healthy helpful soulful self-growth from our Husband and Wifey, and us learning from the Guide practically, G-d will help us all to inspire us all to seek the Ultimate Help and see Unity revealed help in our relationships together! Latest classes just in 😀 midnightrabbi-dont-givin/midnightrabbi-inspires-with-our-king! and going-spiritual-inspired/filling-in-the-missing-links-1

Remember what’s this house is all for, to fill with happiness, a real gift!

The Clean/Dirty/Black floor syndrome!

Now this story begins with our Husband growing up in a house or let’s says a palace, where it was difficult to find a speck of dust. Not that his mother didn’t go around looking, with plastic gloves on, Jay Cloth ready, sprays and licked finger ready to inspect the immaculate surfaces of the floors. Even more so the sinks shinned better than a mirror with some being constantly attended with the goal to never be used almost, just to shine. The toys had special places, rooms and the couches in the Lounge were not to be sat on. Don’t even think about walking on the carpets with your shoes on, and complete devotion to the cleaners and hoovers that came daily. However our Husband must grow up and move on to his own humble abode with Wifey. Wifey grew up in an opposite story and rather than go in to details let’s start of in Husbands, Wifey home.

Picture a house filled with Toddlers and babies, the house is only big enough for newly married couples and we already had the bug and insect invasion stories. There’s a funny story our Husband heard from Rav Moshe Weinberger shlita about Cockroaches/Bugs which in Hebrew are called Charakim, and were invading the house of a different Wifey. However, the new immigrant/ Oleh from America was still working on her Ulpan/Hebrew learning course. This Wifey phoned up an exterminator and mistakenly said “Hello, there are Charedim (word meaning pious group i.e. a group from the Jewish people trembling for the word of G-d) on my balcony,  and I hate them” the exterminator surprisingly says “look lady I neither love or hate them but we got to get along with them”. This Wifey continues “but they make lots of children and are taking over”, the exterminator responds “yeah their known for this kind of lifestyle, but what’s that got to do with me”. This Wifey frustrated continues “but we got to kill them all already” the exterminator says adamantly, “look we all got to learn to live together happily whether we like them or not” Ha ha, so our Husband in our story wasn’t as troubled with this kind of stories and usually his Wifey just cleaned up the mess that brought the bugs there, filled in the holes and got on with her life, exterminator free. However, our Husband couldn’t tolerate the mess the wonderful beloved children caused. Tired Wifey wasn’t up to daily, hourly clean ups and preferred to clean up when the time truly called for it, but our Husband was used to the highest of Ritzy standards and he couldn’t tolerate the dirty floors. Our husband friend and learning partner clarified that there’s nothing wrong with living with black floors, “better the children shine rather than the door handles and windows shine instead”. The truth be told Wifey was doing a good job of cleaning at the end of every week so the weekend and the Shabbos Queen could be greeted with the honor She so deserves. And our Husband developed a Syndrome known as the Sweeping addict. Once again our Husband heard a lofty tale of old where one of the Righteous famous Beadles Rav Tzvi Hersh Rimanover later to become the Rebbe himself had been known to sweep the floor with lofty intentions, e.g. cleaning away all the negative external forces that troubled the worshipers in Prayer.  The original Rebbe Rav Mendel of Rimanvoer saw the way his Beadle cleaned out the Shul of all unholy thoughts and yearned for such a sweeping even on the day of Rav Tzvi Hersh’s wedding day. Many years later a simple Jew was given the privilege of sweeping out the Shul for the Divrei Yechezkal aka the Shinver Rebbe son of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz. This simple Chassid decided in his simplicity that he wanted the same intentions as the holy Beadle of Rimanover even though he didn’t know what they were and in Heaven they should consider his sweeping as if it was so.


When the Shinver Rebbe walked in, he bellowed “whose been sweeping this Shul”, very scared our Chassid responded “I did” the Shinver continued “and what were your intentions” the Chassid in fear responded “ the same intentions whatever the holy Beadle of Rimonver  had”, the Shinver lit up “Ah such holiness has been created here that its pours out this Shul”.

And so the our Husband hoped his sweeping addiction could also have some holy purpose, but mostly it just came as an insult to Wifey’s attempt to run the house properly. Every Wifey is house proud and the holiest thing our Husband can do is compliment Wifey and her house, or at least keep his mouth shut and broom stored away until the end of the day, not every time he walked into her humble abode.

The point is that it’s more important that Wifey shines with happiness and then the children shine with joy and then the house smells of positivity than our Husband giving into the Clean floors Syndrome. Listen below to a Rabbi that inspired much Shalom in our Wifey and husband’s home!

DOES YOUR WIFE MAKE MISTAKES? Relationship guide for you!


Wifey’s problems and the oldest sin of our Husbands, blaming Wifey!

Ok, hopefully all of us have been blessed to find our life partners, our besherts, right after reading and applying the Shidduch guide. If we haven’t seen instant success after applying all five points of the five step formula – then we have to remember that one of those five points is patience.[1]

The worst thing Husband can do is to copy the primordial man Adam. Being the first Man he was also the first Husband. History taught us that a Husband shouldn’t listen to do everything the Wifey asks: for instance, following the snake’s advice by eating of the Tree of Knowledge. The first Wifey did just that, and then handed over the very potent fruit so her Husband could join her fallen state.

The Husband may rectify this mistake by not blaming Wifey at any cost. A Husband must not criticize his Wifey no matter what. Even worse, a Husband must never get into the head space of focusing on Wifey’s problems. This isn’t the Guide’s advice for gaining popularity, it’s just hard earned experience, and advice from top Rabbi’s like Rabbi Shalom Arush in his important book “the Garden of Peace”.

This advice doesn’t deny that Wifey’s make mistakes – but there is no point of focusing on them. It would be much better for our Husband to be honest enough to realize he has plenty to work on himself. The mistakes a Husband’s Wifey makes are all intended for the Husband to experience consequences so he can build  his own character and strengthen an honest approach to life! So the real answer to the question, “Does Wifey make mistakes?” Is this in our Husband’s reality ? No, as Wifey is an Eishet Chayil/ Righteous woman as we sing every completion of the week, Shabbos night before Kiddush!


Surely Wifey needs to work hard on her own inner self-improvement with the help of advice from her teachers and guides – but regardless, our Husband will keep on praising Wifey. He’ll keep on working on any supposed mistakes Wifey made as if they are his own. Now we’re really talking Husband, happy Wifey :)


[1] Still, a good friend recently pointed out that not everyone is meant to achieve this Wifey and Husband world; some must remain happy living alone. This issue is beyond the scope of our book. If you want answers, you’ll need to ask someone like my friend who gets on building good relationships without asking his Wifey for advice. Ultimately we will all find our union in the completion of Husband and Wifey spirituality.

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Our Husband’s parent in-laws, and some say outlaws!

firey rebbeOur Husband has got to be careful here as Wifey and her mafia family are not afraid to even knock off our Husband if he behaves like a snitch. But we all remember the famous joke that the first man of Creation, Adom Harishon, had it good (and the lucky couple in the pic here ->), no mother in law, no outlaws just a beautiful gift the first Wifey, Nevertheless, our Husband for sure needs advice and guidance how to successfully navigate the other side, in mysticism, the other side is symbolic of the dark side / the side of evil / the side that ignores direct divine providence and not co-incandescently is the word for his in-laws. “Shver” in Yiddish is the word for father-in-law, and also means “very difficult” in our holy tongue of Hebrew! The first father-in-laws of our holy Avos / Patriarchs, Jewish fore-fathers, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, weren’t such an easy beginning to the world of father-in-laws. The list is Haran, Bethuel and Laavan Harami / who we all know were trying to destroy the spark of goodness that exist in our people, either with poison, endless hard labor and for sure a good old fashion argument with curses, may we all be protected. So let’s be fair to Haran, Sarah emainu’s our Matriarch father, that he did show support to his nephew and son-in-law by following him into the fire of Nimrod, the problem is he didn’t emerge alive, so that was the end of a supportive father-in-law who was burned alive. Now with Eliezer the ultimate Shadchan / match maker who brought together Yitzchak and Rivkah under the eyes of her evil father and brother, whose father Bethuel poisoned himself in an attempt to kill the match maker. And Laavan the trickster who threatened his holy son–in-law Yaakov and four wives with a threat to their inner well-being. Yaakov built himself a protection by not allowing his father-in-law to come near, with a covenant between them at Gal Ed. This is for our Husband a tough lesson of distance and struggles with parent-in-laws in the Torah. But all this is before the Torah was given to our forefathers and mothers. Our Husband can learn from Moshe Rabbeinu / our teacher about the right kind of father-in-law and the right way to honor him! Moshe our teacher served his father-in-law Yisro when he came with Moshe’s wife and children with tremendous honor. Moshe was the King of the Jewish people of the Generation in the dessert and served all who attended the welcoming meal for Yisro the convert with humility and love. Our Wifey can learn from Ruth / Rus the convert who honored her mother Naiomi even if it meant following and helping her in a place and time of no hope and destitution. In the end our Wifey can see that even in this world it paid off, as Rus dedication when she married the leader of the generation and was blessed with generations of Kings from King Dovid and King Shlomo / Solomon the wisest of men. What our Husband and Wifey can learn from these all important eternal lessons, is to deal with whatever parent-in-laws our Creator gives us. To make the best of the out-laws to either bring them in or know when it’s truly time for our Husband and Wifey to listen to the first Torah commandment, to join into one flesh truly.

Eli Torah lives on

To leave their homes and build their own special home where they can come to a healthy oneness and unity forever more that even the mother-in-law of the first man that never was, and would be proud of!

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Rabbi Manis Friedman recommends this great opportunity for happy Newlyweds, Wifey and Husbands ! :) And more glimpses at a great new book you can be part of ->https://midnightrabbispiritualguide.wordpress.com/ <-

“The last marriage course was inspiration beyond words and practically, life and marriage changing for the good!” Midnightrabbi quoted himself!

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