Our Husband’s parent in-laws, and some say outlaws!

firey rebbeOur Husband has got to be careful here as Wifey and her mafia family are not afraid to even knock off our Husband if he behaves like a snitch. But we all remember the famous joke that the first man of Creation, Adom Harishon, had it good (and the lucky couple in the pic here ->), no mother in law, no outlaws just a beautiful gift the first Wifey, Nevertheless, our Husband for sure needs advice and guidance how to successfully navigate the other side, in mysticism, the other side is symbolic of the dark side / the side of evil / the side that ignores direct divine providence and not co-incandescently is the word for his in-laws. “Shver” in Yiddish is the word for father-in-law, and also means “very difficult” in our holy tongue of Hebrew! The first father-in-laws of our holy Avos / Patriarchs, Jewish fore-fathers, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, weren’t such an easy beginning to the world of father-in-laws. The list is Haran, Bethuel and Laavan Harami / who we all know were trying to destroy the spark of goodness that exist in our people, either with poison, endless hard labor and for sure a good old fashion argument with curses, may we all be protected. So let’s be fair to Haran, Sarah emainu’s our Matriarch father, that he did show support to his nephew and son-in-law by following him into the fire of Nimrod, the problem is he didn’t emerge alive, so that was the end of a supportive father-in-law who was burned alive. Now with Eliezer the ultimate Shadchan / match maker who brought together Yitzchak and Rivkah under the eyes of her evil father and brother, whose father Bethuel poisoned himself in an attempt to kill the match maker. And Laavan the trickster who threatened his holy son–in-law Yaakov and four wives with a threat to their inner well-being. Yaakov built himself a protection by not allowing his father-in-law to come near, with a covenant between them at Gal Ed. This is for our Husband a tough lesson of distance and struggles with parent-in-laws in the Torah. But all this is before the Torah was given to our forefathers and mothers. Our Husband can learn from Moshe Rabbeinu / our teacher about the right kind of father-in-law and the right way to honor him! Moshe our teacher served his father-in-law Yisro when he came with Moshe’s wife and children with tremendous honor. Moshe was the King of the Jewish people of the Generation in the dessert and served all who attended the welcoming meal for Yisro the convert with humility and love. Our Wifey can learn from Ruth / Rus the convert who honored her mother Naiomi even if it meant following and helping her in a place and time of no hope and destitution. In the end our Wifey can see that even in this world it paid off, as Rus dedication when she married the leader of the generation and was blessed with generations of Kings from King Dovid and King Shlomo / Solomon the wisest of men. What our Husband and Wifey can learn from these all important eternal lessons, is to deal with whatever parent-in-laws our Creator gives us. To make the best of the out-laws to either bring them in or know when it’s truly time for our Husband and Wifey to listen to the first Torah commandment, to join into one flesh truly.

Eli Torah lives on

To leave their homes and build their own special home where they can come to a healthy oneness and unity forever more that even the mother-in-law of the first man that never was, and would be proud of!

via Our Husband’s parent in-laws, and some say outlaws!. For more on line classes see https://soundcloud.com/talmud-thought-ashreinu


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