Mazel Tov and Chappy Chanukah, when OUR HUSBAND is GIVING SINCERE LOVE TO WIFEY!

chanukah 1st nightSimcha this #Hanukkah will bring the light of Shalom Bayis to us all, and mazel tov on our 12th anniversary.

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This is now the most important part of our Guide together, where we really get focused on what our Husband and Wifey’s whole relationship is all about. It is time to remember that even the Guide himself has to get advice from more experienced Guides and hear if the Guide himself is applying what he is helping our Husband with. This is the heart of the matter and needs our full focus and attention. This implies that you reading this has learned already from our Husband funny tales of woe (he jokes to himself, Woman is made up of Woe man and even worse expression of the lack of holiness in the English language, his Wifey hormones made up of Hoare moans). But we must leave these silly jokes aside and keep focused on our Guide getting his heart and knowledge from holy refined more intelligent living examples of Guides. People who honor his Wifey like the Divine presence (in the holy tongue the ancient Hebrew and very much alive description of man and woman is Ish and Isha, which in this holy vernacular contains between these two words when joined together in the union of marriage the way we are Guided, reveal the holy letters of the name of G-d, yud and heh = Kah). The Queen-ship of Wifey would become his most important priority no matter what. The most holy and important agreement in any person’s life to commit under a Chuppa / Wedding canopy with two witlessness, in a Kesubah / Wedding agreement, for our Husband to truly give Wifey, clothing, connection and a home to live together. Our Husbands binds himself as “it’s not good to be alone” and becomes someone that isn’t egocentric but rather selfless. Our Husband must give and display that Wifey is his Priority no matter what and this deal us until 120 years meaning forever. Our Husband is no longer selfish and wanting his needs met. Our Husband must truly give over the real deep sincere love that every Wifey is given the intrinsic knowledge to know if it’s sincere or not! A love that is from our Husbands heart and expresses itself in his thoughts, speech and deeds, Every morning our Guides Guide wakes up thanking G-d for a new day of life and for his Wifey. This is true life to live happy with Wifey. Especially such a gift of a Wifey like this! What is the heart of the matter our Husband needs to master to really make Wifey truly happy? Let’s define this love as real dedication and giving to another person so they intrinsically feel the altruism in the love. Simply put the love our Husband gives is in order to bring out a mutual deep bonding love that our Wifey truly knows she is his priority in life. This love from our Husband to Wifey will fill up Wifey with positivity that she will wake up in the morning feeling loved when she looks at her husband and give her strength to do almost anything the whole day. The love our Husband clearly communicates daily will over time allow Wifey to send of our Husband to do his entire world saving jobs, life changing goals and money making schemes with her true consent and blessings. Our Husband puts asides all the distractions and false friendships etc. and our Husband with Wifey truly feeling loved, will create a team and life together that can turn any huge struggle in this potentially problematic world to just a positive challenge they can together both overcome.Life begins to smile and difficulties that previously overwhelming a family, suddenly our Husband’s and Wifey’s really focused on each other, open their married eyes and see together they can overcome all obstacles to peaceful homes. Our Wifey and Husband’s children begin to feel the love that truly feels the hearts and home and suddenly all their inner tension and attention seeking subsides. Our children feel this true love and the positive belief in themselves through our Wifey’s renewed self-esteem in her marriage and the point of our Guide has been achieved. Our Husband true love Wifey happy!


Marriage Course for women from Rabbi Manis Friedman

Struggle Group shares Rabbi Manis Friedman making #life and #marriage changing course you must join for #women!

Thank G-d!

 From Gutman locks

Ira is visiting Israel with the “Federation”. He came up to me at the tefillin stand and said, “I know you won’t remember me, but I want to thank you so much for your advice. A few months ago I was here and, as usual, I was feeling down. You showed me how ‘Thanking G-d 100 times a day’ picks you up and I’m happy now. I have been saying ‘Thank G-d’ many times a day since then, and it really works.”

I explained to Ira that we feel like we think, so if we think about what is wrong in the world, and believe me there is plenty wrong out there to think about, then we are going to feel down. But if we think about what is right in the world, and there are plenty of right things going on, too, then we will feel happy with our lives.

All you got to do is to look and see how many things you can thank G-d for: Do you have a migraine headache? No. Thank G-d! Do you have an operation scheduled? No. Thank G-d! Did you eat today? Yes. Thank G-d! Do you have a court case against you coming up? No. Thank G-d. How about a place to sleep? Do you have one? Yes. Thank G-d! And on and on until you say, ‘You know what, I really have a lot of things to thank G-d for,’ and then you live a happy life. Thank G-d!


Children are a #inspiration too! Glimpse into a Happy Relationship Guide!

Hope the new times we are in aid your goal of having real relationships. The on-line friend deepens our connection to everyone and no-one. Really it’s all just a link in the chain to actualize the on-line time to truly meet and face yourself and friend.

For those lucky few who still hold out from on-line chats may you find much success in all you do, but be at as it may, children are still potentially protected from the false kind of relationships we settle for all to easily. We really have to learn from those around us, as this is true wisdom compelled with the humility to see the good in all we do and connect with, especially Husband and Wifey…

We join together and see “the beyond this world power” of reproduction brings out the perfect continuation of what our Husband and Wifey manifest in their journey together. Every child come’s with its own soul, sustenance’s and unique personality and needs perfectly molded for each parent’s personal growth. Every child knows what it needs and will go out of its way to get it no matter what! It’s almost like the animals fight for survival alongside a child intrinsic spiritual will to do this child’s personal mission no matter what. We have to remember and recall the purity of a child demanding proper attention and its lack of baggage to prevent the child’s need for real relationships. Of course this can be spoiled and it happens often by lack of care and attention from the parents. We all know that a child will only so many times ask for parental care and conversation about personal private needs and these important opportunities mustn’t be missed.

At all costs, gird your loins, (our Husband likes this old scool language) and grab this precious gift of real relationships, amongst friends and family. Don’t be part of those of folly that blow this diamond moment of connection just for some cheap on-line thrills or momentary slip towards money opportunities that were never meant to be. Our Husband more than many knows the casualties of miss placed youth and fallen dark world of drugs or worse lifestyles, G-d should protect us all.

So our Husband comes home from another frustrating day from work. Tired and drained from the on-line barter and bus-line banter, hungry and worn from lack of food, he really starts to see his life in the full positive flow that it goes. Our Wifey tiredly after a day of chasing little ones from destruction, and a house that has seen better order, prepares the food to stick in our Husband’s mouth as he walks through the door. Our Husband being a good student applies the advice from years ago of eating before coming home, but another quick bite before he opens his mouth always allows for more positive flow of words. The little ones smile and cry, happy to see their Tattie/Father/Dad/Pops, but at the same time happy to share their burden’s and war wounds from brotherly love. Our Husband has learned to smile, kiss and hug, turn a blind eye to any chaos. Wifey has a million things she needs to say but usually that will have to wait till after bed time, the point is children need their attention and focus. Love builds love, and our generation needs bucket loads. The question you may ask where is our Husband and Wifey able to get the energy to do all this giving and sharing their time with love. This is a good question and can be simply answered with their giving and love to each other which needs to start from their moment of Husband and Wifey’s creation.