Children are a #inspiration too! Glimpse into a Happy Relationship Guide!

Hope the new times we are in aid your goal of having real relationships. The on-line friend deepens our connection to everyone and no-one. Really it’s all just a link in the chain to actualize the on-line time to truly meet and face yourself and friend.

For those lucky few who still hold out from on-line chats may you find much success in all you do, but be at as it may, children are still potentially protected from the false kind of relationships we settle for all to easily. We really have to learn from those around us, as this is true wisdom compelled with the humility to see the good in all we do and connect with, especially Husband and Wifey…

We join together and see “the beyond this world power” of reproduction brings out the perfect continuation of what our Husband and Wifey manifest in their journey together. Every child come’s with its own soul, sustenance’s and unique personality and needs perfectly molded for each parent’s personal growth. Every child knows what it needs and will go out of its way to get it no matter what! It’s almost like the animals fight for survival alongside a child intrinsic spiritual will to do this child’s personal mission no matter what. We have to remember and recall the purity of a child demanding proper attention and its lack of baggage to prevent the child’s need for real relationships. Of course this can be spoiled and it happens often by lack of care and attention from the parents. We all know that a child will only so many times ask for parental care and conversation about personal private needs and these important opportunities mustn’t be missed.

At all costs, gird your loins, (our Husband likes this old scool language) and grab this precious gift of real relationships, amongst friends and family. Don’t be part of those of folly that blow this diamond moment of connection just for some cheap on-line thrills or momentary slip towards money opportunities that were never meant to be. Our Husband more than many knows the casualties of miss placed youth and fallen dark world of drugs or worse lifestyles, G-d should protect us all.

So our Husband comes home from another frustrating day from work. Tired and drained from the on-line barter and bus-line banter, hungry and worn from lack of food, he really starts to see his life in the full positive flow that it goes. Our Wifey tiredly after a day of chasing little ones from destruction, and a house that has seen better order, prepares the food to stick in our Husband’s mouth as he walks through the door. Our Husband being a good student applies the advice from years ago of eating before coming home, but another quick bite before he opens his mouth always allows for more positive flow of words. The little ones smile and cry, happy to see their Tattie/Father/Dad/Pops, but at the same time happy to share their burden’s and war wounds from brotherly love. Our Husband has learned to smile, kiss and hug, turn a blind eye to any chaos. Wifey has a million things she needs to say but usually that will have to wait till after bed time, the point is children need their attention and focus. Love builds love, and our generation needs bucket loads. The question you may ask where is our Husband and Wifey able to get the energy to do all this giving and sharing their time with love. This is a good question and can be simply answered with their giving and love to each other which needs to start from their moment of Husband and Wifey’s creation.


3 thoughts on “Children are a #inspiration too! Glimpse into a Happy Relationship Guide!

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