Marriage Course for women from Rabbi Manis Friedman

Struggle Group shares Rabbi Manis Friedman making #life and #marriage changing course you must join for #women!

Thank G-d!

 From Gutman locks

Ira is visiting Israel with the “Federation”. He came up to me at the tefillin stand and said, “I know you won’t remember me, but I want to thank you so much for your advice. A few months ago I was here and, as usual, I was feeling down. You showed me how ‘Thanking G-d 100 times a day’ picks you up and I’m happy now. I have been saying ‘Thank G-d’ many times a day since then, and it really works.”

I explained to Ira that we feel like we think, so if we think about what is wrong in the world, and believe me there is plenty wrong out there to think about, then we are going to feel down. But if we think about what is right in the world, and there are plenty of right things going on, too, then we will feel happy with our lives.

All you got to do is to look and see how many things you can thank G-d for: Do you have a migraine headache? No. Thank G-d! Do you have an operation scheduled? No. Thank G-d! Did you eat today? Yes. Thank G-d! Do you have a court case against you coming up? No. Thank G-d. How about a place to sleep? Do you have one? Yes. Thank G-d! And on and on until you say, ‘You know what, I really have a lot of things to thank G-d for,’ and then you live a happy life. Thank G-d!



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