? Global innovation! What do you say to the 1st kosher smartphone?

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New LG device based on censored Android version to be permitted for use by haredi businessmen as tiny portable computer for work-related purposes; voice calls to be blocked

from Israel Wullman

Published:  07.23.13, 13:47

After the “kosher” cellular phone being sold at ultra-Orthodox population centers in Israel and around the world, here comes the kosher smartphone: The new Android-powered phone will be used mainly by haredi businessmen and managers in need of routine updates for work-related purposes.

If all goes as planned, the device’s marketing will begin in about two months.

Several business groups are currently involved – separately – in a kosher smartphone initiative, but the most serious project appears to be that of veteran filtered Internet provider Nativ. The company is working on a unique Android version (ROM) which will be integrated into the LG L7 II smartphone.

The device comes with a 4.3-inch touch screen and 1…

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