Think win win for happy relationships today, the 3rd session of the “10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS”!

As we approach the happy months of Purim and Pesach / Passover everyone needs some needed inspiration in this time of renewal and change, especially within our homes and relationships!

Pleased to #announce the Clarified Version of


 fromMidnightrabbi inspiresd continues…->“10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS” 1ST Animated Video<- click here!

zalmi mindiTonight, we begin again the 4th session of the 10 habits of truly effective Jews!<-click here to listen! Being truly proactive in a way that lasts forever taking the 10 habits with you always, to be dedicated to G-d is to be dedicated to whom G-d truly loves, loving Yisrael! This  is true Torah, becoming G-dly and kind for real and sincere 😀 Hashem is the choice of all choices, so says parshat Shemeni, the honor of Hashem is to choose His Will, bringing the true simcha of G-d conscious with us from Purim to Pesach the ultimate Geula 😀 ! A great inspired class “Think win win” for happy relationships today, 4th class of the 3rd session of the “10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS”! And Talmud Megilah clarify ture purity,,,daf 8-9 Listen to the latest inspiration with the 4th class<-! 1st work out ashreinu10 part course and more for all #Fortunate growing bros and fros, we invite your #collaboration by emailing, or phone direct 0573175856, facebook Midnightrabbi inspires or just come…Please contact us for your own course with at least 10 participants, 10 is our lucky number 😀  Pleased to announce the “10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS”  from Midnightrabbi inspiresd ! So lets get to live this already as “first things first” we need to build an emotional bank account together so contact us now!  Goals of classes / course / collaboration of the “ 10 habits of truly effective Jews!”

key chalah

1. Intro class  – “Proactive way”  (1st habit) of life, like Moshe Rabbinic in Pashas Shemoes  / Exodus… The 1st class Session 1<- listen here Leaders, being a giver, not allowing circumstances and situations to influence your life but rather to be proactive and inspiring, network created like the Lubavitch  Chabad Rebbe and Chassidim, Kiruv, Giving, Inspiring. Stephen R Covey – “7 habits of highly effective people”… Living the 7 habits, “Courage to change”, Shov-vavim” Changing together with inspirational Stories and collaboration etc… Check out class one 2nd session 😀 <- parshas Trumah, “Be proactive and kind, like Avraham Avinu, investment in emotional bank account with sincere deposits, learning together Torah,  Megilah = reveal from the hidden- I.e. the news, the real kind reality, the light of stories e.g. the Ramchal and Purim inspires us all to change… “10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS”! 1st class, Session 3 Choose to be #proactive with a #smile,<- listen here for latest class! DSC080212. Mission Statements “begin with end in mind” (2nd habit) – 2nd class in 2 stages on Mission Statements, Personal shared, Mission statement builder (MSB) from Franklin/ , Group mission statements‘, “begin with end in mind” Famous mission statements, normal mission statements, encouragement to turn the 7 plagues of the world and Pasrhas Vayeara into “7 habit like, goal orientated focused on principles and valued approach to life, fill out “action plan” involvement with internet and online SEO, most students of Ashreinu scored 8 or less, Midnightrabbi scored 11 involved and with the times, Rav Moshe Weinberger and other Tzaddikim scored 1or 2 described as somewhere in the Amazon or a Cave, whereas there true influence is felt throughout the world and is growing especially on an inner level…  Check out class two Session 2 <- “Begin with end in mind” working on goals, values, Mission statements “Renewal with truly effective purpose”! Remember with being a mentch, proactive life, is not allowing people and circumstances to act upon us, rather to effectively act on situations and shine forth like the vessels in the Temple a light of clarity to ourselves and sphere of influence! Listen to latest -> 2nd Class, 3rd Session, Renewal of Mission Statements constantly and finding the path of life 😀 Listen to 4th Session, 2nd Habit,<-Click here, “Begin with end in mind”  really writing our goals, values, Mission statements that you can take with you for the rest of your life and sincerely make a difference with! midnight and phonix simchas 3. “Refining Mission Statements” – 3rd class on refining i.e. personal, family, group, business, organization. Truly understanding the “begin with end in mind” from inspirational sources like Holocaust survivors awakening the true importance of life, values of the Torah, true principles and relationships, real prayer of Jewish hearts to sincerity that is light to the world. The focus on family, on friends, on work, and then in order on real inspirational proactive like stories of school teachers in low class Schooling (like films such as “Dangerous minds“, “nuns on the run” and newer versions)  turning around the class with the “7 habits” and dedication, really living and inspiring from a healthy live emotional bank account… Check out class 3 session 2, <- “first things first” priorities with time management and schedule .What’s really going to make you happy? 8th habit clear definitions of the first 3 habits, towards honesty, trust, integrity and emotional healthy relationships. Accomplishing in being Jewish in an emotional positive heart level that’s truly effective!  ” First Things First ” the #3rdHabit, 3rd class, 3rd Session,<- getting priorities straight with the last months of great opportunities in the holy land and Yeshivat Ashreinu till next time bs’d With Talmud Megilah incites on #Purim already! love windows Learning 1st things 1st, 3rd class 4th session,<- listen here, really using your time Pesach and beyond to connect with the priorities like family and good friends, so you can truly be effective and use your time back in Israel afterwards! Daf 16 Megillah taking the light with us:D 4.  “First thing first” (3rd habit) – 4th class, working from our mission statements which we framed or carry with us, constantly refining our goals, values, principles and organizing our life with centered based process of what is truly important and what isn’t, e.g. not to be money centered, or women centered, or power centered, but rather spiritually centered, family centered, truth and love centered etc… Private victory before Public victory, Dependence to Independence then to Interdependent, Rabbi Schechter stories of family first and people career minded not finding true balance. Parshas Bo drawing of the 3 higher habits of 8, 9 and 10, to reconnect the 3 most intense serious plagues of the world, of confusion, darkness and lack of self-knowledge, and turn them into, clarity, revelations of light, and true self-knowledge. From top downwards bringing us from the highest level awareness to the lowest to know bottom line what is my priority now! DSC03152Check out class 4 session 2 <- “Think “win win” a new month of Joy comes from an increase in integrity and wanting everyone to be successful!  The 4th class, Session 3<-, “Think win win for happy relationships today”, the 3rd session of the “10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS”! chupah

Listen here thanks<- and “Think win win” and help everyone be a winner the last class before the break, class 4 session 4 😀
Finishing the 1st Perek of Talmud Megillah 😀

5. “Going in to what Time management really is” – 5th class part 1part 2  and part 3 , e.g. the 4 quadrants, preventing of urgent pressure, and time wasting, focusing on principles and goals that really matter with worked out schedules that reflect this true focus, the power of daily devotion to prayer as an inspired way to elevate every 12 hour period of night and day with unified approach to all (Shema Yistael 12 words = oneness) the power of speech, song, and happiness to use time fully and with life force, appreciation of the gift of life and everyday challenges of growth and success, Taking the schedule of priorities wherever you go from School, to Uni. Or college , to the work place. loveTrue spiritual beings, realizing the process of everyday leaving Egypt, the restraints of limitations in time, place and person (Yetzius Mitzrayim) from waking in the morning to prayer service which brings a person to face him/herself and the Creator rising through the levels to a level of true freedom and spiritual oneness and focus. (from leaving Egypt (bed to morning blessings thanks) to Kriyas yam suf – splitting of the Red sea (songs of appreciation),  to blessings of the Shemah (oneness and pleading of love and true connection receiving the Torah) to blessings of Shemonai Esrai ( facing oneself and true Maker in intimacy) and bringing that all into your daily life (the practical daily laws of living spiritually in the world, making a dwelling place for Hashem), the goal of working to build a family = Mikdash miat = a holy home, all can begin from 18 years and on, focusing on the daily connection inspiring the day in day life to higher goals and principles that are fueled from 3 times pray service and some minimal learning and studying with renewal to constantly progress alongside time for mission statement refining.  Check out class 5 session 2, <- Stories of people building success with their sphere of influence in really seeking to inspire everyone to succeed i.e. Listening is the key for everyone to succeed!! The 5th class, Session 3<-, “Really learning to Listen!” Living life with true understanding and good relationships with all! shidduch is never too late6. “Family first”- 6th class keeping Schedule the right way, the hardest challenge of our generation, bringing stories of Mission statements to make true relationships priority and cashing in big on meaningful relationships due to Family being first. Emergency or Urgent situations bringing out realizations, of career minded people with 3 iphones and other means of distractions to awaken there life to their marriage and family is priority one. Not forgetting this truth even when the urgency is thank G-d dissolved and seemingly more normal life ensues to keep Family first, bringing blessing to work, happiness and good children. Check out class 6 session 2,<- Synergize as the Rolling Stones are on the way to the holy land and we can find a third alternative. The results are truly beyond our minds and understandings!  Real inspiration with the 6th Class, Session 3,<- “Synergize as 1 plus 1 = 3, 10, 100, 1000, etc… ” Grow with sincere unity :D! yochanan snow boarding7. “Think Win Win” (4th habit) -> 7th class “think win win”, to give us a taste from this weeks Parsha Beshalach of what the public victory of eternal success based on properly applying the 1st, 2nd, 3rd habits so a person can enter the 4th truly grounded on kind, principled, approach to daily life and really want good for everyone under your sphere of influence. A story of success that keeps growing with endless investments in positive relationships, encouragements, and large scale “think win win” approach to every deal and moment in life, the song of good moments every day giving strength from the first 3 habits to really win win inspired in all matters of life. … Check out Class 7 session 2,<- “Renewal and rethink our approach with constant study, research and inspiration”. Refreshing the picture daily with simcha and warmth! Wow class 7, session 3,<- Family First 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with effective #families making the difference, even the#guests feel it,  The 7th habit and Cheers to L’Chaim Purim #renewal this inspiration will bring! rabbi moshe weinberger 3 8. “Are you really listening” – 8th class and more! “How to internalize” and live” the first 4 habits before entering the hardest habit so far of “Seek first to understand” (5th habit) to really listen, empathise and be ready for the deepest revelations of history, intense real relationships and life filled of meaningful experiences that call out to us all! Check out class 8 session 2, <- “8th habit,  finding our voice, and helping others find theirs, which inspires us all to truly grow and succeed…” Listen to the latest class 8, Session 3, Habit 8,<- Eat, Drink and be Happy because now we hear our voice and can help others hear their’s…Megilah unplugged daf 11-12! rabbi moshe weinberger9. “Synthesize” (6th habit) 9th class! “bringing it all together”  needs the first 5 habits to be organized and alive to synthesize. Everyone needs real changes to access the inner aspects of life. The “Courage to change” and be changed is the key to this important process of combining everything. However, at the same time the principles of “Begin with end in mind” (2nd habit) I.e. the mission statement filled with principles and value centered life needs to be strengthened and focused even more! This weeks parshat Yisro, after hearing and receiving the truth we can truly live from the revelation of G-d and how it can be applied daily and internally and intimately! Check out the 9th class 2nd Session, <- Remember who we really are and prevention of distractions to achieve this” e.g. with being a mentch, proactive life, is not allowing people and circumstances to act upon us, rather to effectively act on situations and shine forth like the Jews did in the time of Purim! Latest class in 9th class, session 3, 9th habit,<-  Touching on true reality and prevention of distractions to achieve this! Megillah Talmud 11-12 get your dates right for the ultimate journey home! 9th habit inspired! shimmy in bet shemesh10. “Sharpening the saw” (7th habit) “Renewal with truly effective purpose” 10th class with the 3 true habits beyond, (8th habit) hearing your voice. This level of understanding and expressing our inner essence needs connection to 2 newer habits to really be enhanced and truly effective. This is the 9th and 10th habit of “removing distractions from our purpose on an inner level“, AND REAL RECOGNITION OF WHO WE TRULY ARE AND WHOM WE TRULY SERVE AS JEWS”. By constant research, education and learning with the inner relationship in mind and awareness of who we really are! avraham shinning smileCheck out the 10th class in the 2nd Session, <- “10th habit Belief in ourselves and completion of exile,” what’s really going to make you happy? Inspirational stories of dedicated people to honesty,  trust, integrity and emotional healthy relationships. Accomplishing in being in touch with emotionally positive heart levels that’s truly effective!

hamans pants
Latest class in, the 10th class, session 3, 10th habit<- The inner Journey on Purim which makes all the difference!  Megillah Talmud 12-13 getting your dates right for the ultimate journey home! 10th habit inspired!

Check out the Summary class of Session 2,<-“Internalizing the 10 habits of truly effective Jews” as what we learnt is the key to Joy by tapping into the light that grows within. Purim Katen is truly beyond our minds and understandings, but we always can learn important tools and practical advice from the biggest of lights! 


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