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So you all might be thinking as your’re reading this book, what the Husband are you getting @? This isn’t me; I never did such a ridiculous set of deeds like this spiritually adept person. However, the point of this book is not just to entertain, to waste your time and money. Rather, to educate us all, including myself, to awaken the soul to this crucial mission, and make a difference in our Husband truly making happy our Wifey. The spiritual path to do this is bottom line as all of Jewish history as a good example, is to learn from the mistakes and get it right! Below is an image of Husband (the sun) and Wifey (the moon) shining together beautiful and united, as will be in the days of new. With thanks to Shalom Bayit (Peace in the home) on facebook! We all agree we are standing at the end of history as we know it. Everything has changed even in my short life time, the instant generation of Now! We want instant good health, happiness and many want spiritual fulfilled homes. Ask yourself how many broken homes you know! Ask yourself how many broken hearts and souls? How many victims of a lack of education in relationship skills and spiritual guidance to get it right, right now! A friend once commented that our Husband in this story is always the fall guy and that’s exactly the best educator. The darkness of our Husband and Wifey’s stories will be turned into light with G-d’s help and our dedication.  This is a special moment of inspiration and awakening that turns the confusion into the light of clarity, right now! Life changing in all ways! Easy to accomplish with our Husband of humor and the overall Supreme force guiding us all to get it right.Time is of the essence and we need to get to the point so let’s hear more inspirational, mind altering stories and from here our Husband will make happy Wifey eternal more! By the way you’re welcome to contribute you’re “Husband, Wifey happy” tales by sending us right now you’re story to our email and comments on the “midnightrabbispiritualguide” Blog.

Please make a donation/ and sponsor the editing and completion of this crucial book / blog by emailing

By making this book / blog a success for all our Husband’s and Wifey’s sake, please make this a reality with your support and share the love and inspiration!

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Meet our  Beit Shemesh Educational Center children and be kind!

bsec meeting 13Photos from the meeting at our Educational #Campus Bet Shemesh, Israel was founded in 1982, supervised by the Ministry of #Education and the icon Institution. There is also a boarding school campus enrolled students under the supervision of the relevant factors. Educational center designed for youngsters middle and high schools and aim to improve their lives and promote youth realize personal potential inherent in them. bsec meeting 32Institution, which started out with basic equipment and 16 students, and now equipped with modern day classrooms, computer labs current computer science laboratory and nature centers and technology. Today, the school boasts 200 boys, which are from different areas in the country. The professional staff at Sapir Beit Shemesh believe in the potential of each student and the ability to implement it by providing educational and social environment supportive conditions and appropriate resources.
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Gerrer Rebbe shlit’a: The Megilla of Geula

Three weeks ago, Lazer Brody gave an emuna lesson Gerre rebbe shlit'aentitled The Megilla of Geula, saying that all the events occurring today will come together to be one big Megilla, that of our final Geula, or redemption.

This morning, he heard from a close friend and a Gerrer Chassid who was with the Gerrer Rebbe shlit’a (image, left) on Purim, that the Gerrer Rebbe (Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter shlit’a) said that we our now in the midst of the Megilla of Geula: in the original Yiddish, he said, Mir halt mitl arein in di Megilla fun Geula.

The Gerrer Rebbe shlit’a is a tzaddik of very few words.

Someone then asked the Rebbe, velechen perek, which chapter are we? The Rebbe didn’t answer.

Anyone in Israel that can’t smell the imminent Geula and the coming of Moshiach needs an ear, nose and throat checkup. Very big things are about to happen, as we see that the world is changing all around us.

The two keywords for navigating today’s stormy waters are emuna and kedusha, faith and holiness. Very soon, all the amenities of this world won’t be worth the skin of an onion.

The The Rolling Stones Perform Motzai #yomtovShavous, for #israeli’s BUT, if your not #fortunate enough to follow minhag and from Chutz Laaretz, like my parents who will be here then in Jerusalém with my fam, you are still in Yom Tov!
The doors will open at 8:30 p.m., just as the Shavuot on Mount Zion – שבעות בהר ציוןholiday ends.(for Israeli’s) The organizers have arranged for discounted hotel rates nearby for those who observe the holiday.. lol Thanks Lazer Brody for the clear Midnightrabbi inspiresd unity message ! 

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Keep your family and food #Kosher or else!


The Spiritual Guide to the Husband to make a happy Wifey, To be “together”, by Eliyahu Eliezer aka The Midnightrabbi inspired, With G-d’s help , and we need it – Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !

The Ant Infestation and smiley cake! (Parshos Shemini is all about Kosher food) <- for Ari Lesser’s Kosher rap!

It was a special day of deeds of kindness, as many good husbands attempt to be in the good books and win brownie points. However, as you will tell, this husband needs to read the label more clearly and choose his weaponry more carefully.

The recent attack of ants, one in many beyond description, brought out the warrior and knight in arms in this endearing husband. Grabbing the most easy, cheapest solution that even the rules of Shabbat doesn’t forbid. The cinnamon solution.

What’s the problem with good old fashioned ant spray or even better calling and exterminator. Well this husband had no such thoughts, his goal was using the available cinnamon for cooking and royally pouring it on the problem areas. This of course was on all the those places that ants love to congregate e.g. under the fridge, on the kitchen surfaces, on the door frames, behind the book shelves in the Salon etc… And even more so this warrior of tradition woke up nice and early to do his kind deed when all were asleep so his good deed would have the hidden element of righteousness. It says in the laws of prayer, charity before prayer helps the prayers find favor above, so would his kind deed prepared his wife’s day free of one more stumbling blocks. However, this all was not meant to be, as even cinnamon as a surprised good advice to many a friend does scare away ants, even though leaving a brown tinge to any place its spread. This was not the problem in the plan, it goes much deeper and sweeter, and the special Cinnamon this champion used was really Cinnamon Sugar…

The weary wifey awoke to havoc, not just from the energetic already very alert species of young children, but an ant invasion. The ants came out in all their glory and the children screams and laughs didn’t help her start to the day with much order and calm. A call to the husband quickly clarified the situation as he proudly proclaimed his victory and then sudden defeat as she explained his chosen weapon, was a weapon of mass destruction, Sugar Cinnamon and not cinnamon. Anyhow, who asked you to interfere in the running’s of the house?

And now to the smiley cake story, a polite apology and gesture of peace.

Every husband in the whole world makes mistakes, right? This isn’t a story to excuse this husband’s deeds, but an attempt to correct what went wrong. Maybe it’s possible that the famous holy Rabbi, Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurbach Tz’l could live up to the truth of being a husband that never needed forgiveness. He himself testified at his

largely attended holy wifey and Rebbestin Tz’l funeral that he doesn’t need forgiveness as he never stepped out of line from the obligation of a Jew to G-d and to his fellow man. However, we’re talking about a husband that you and me know very well and probably needs forgiveness every single day and even that is hard in coming. So here’s just one of many of the stories of husbandry fool hardy.

The wife of this endearing young man was baking a yummy cake for the birthday of a lovely young child of theirs (now 10). She chose a sponge cake to grace her hungry family and left it settle after its time in the oven. Fortunately for the family it was a big cake that was seasoned with chocolate drops that even the most foolish husband couldn’t ruin. So the husband’s comes with appeasement in his hand, bearing a knife, begins to etch away a smiley face, assuming in his male naivety that his other female half will love the gesture. The large mouth and eyes provide this laughable man with a taste of the yummy cake. With to top it off, he leaves the knife in the mouth, forming the symbol of a cigarette, as if the cake was having a smoke. The wifey returns and enough is enough. Combined that we forgot to mention, this was a pressured time as Shabbos/ Shabbat was approaching and the children  were playing up, now her cake was having a smoke while  laughing at her, and her husband stood smugly expecting a praise and receives a potch (a yiddisha karate chop)!

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Clarity and Charity with Purim! With thanks!

Marriage advice starts with clarity and charity and highly recommend reading @ the 7 habits of highly effective families 😀

key chalahClick here ->

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  1. There are four special Torah readings from before Rosh Chodesh Adar until Rosh Chodesh Nissan.This Shabbat is the second of these readings. In addition to the regular Torah portion which is read every Shabbat, we also read from a second Torah, known as, Parshat Zachor.Parshat Zachor is always read on the Shabbat before Purim.”Zachor” means “Remember.” The Torah tells us to “Remember what Amalek did to you while you were on the way, when you left Egypt.” The Torah commands, “Erase the remembrance of Amalek.”
    Amalek was the first nation to wage war against the Jewish people after the Exodus. The Torah tells us that we must always remember what Amalek did to us and never forget.Jews fought many wars while on the way to Israel and later in Israel. Why is the war with Amalek special that it is a mitzvah to forever remember what Amalek did to us?After…

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The inner Journey on Purim which makes all the difference!


ari lesser's wedding mazel tovMazel Tov Ari Lesser and family on your wedding!

All the blessings in the Torah and beyond, amen! Here’s my marriage blog with what not to do<- lol, and keep smiling , this is the key to the heart of every soul!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Ari Lesser, we really appreciate your chizzuk in Tefillah in song and realize that stories of shalom bayis can be a great reflection of how much we can focus on Tefillah or not… 

From distractions to actually look at Wifey face to face! From a great marriage blog lol <-

So anyone might ask themselves if they still even think for a second, why am I so distracted. And what is marriage all about other that full emotional connection, with the face to face truth of the secret of the world. We’re not talking about some commercial rip off version of “the secret”, but rather something so deep and obvious that in a world gone mad is the most hidden secret of them all. The secret is real focus and attention that joins two beings in such a way that only G-d, Himself, could be part of and not distract from this intense binding of two…

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Don’t forget treats for our Wifey’s this Shabbos! Shabbat Shalom :D so close to Purim!

hamans pantsThe treats that are healthy Husbands and the bagels and ice coffees with any magazine for our Wifey’s!. These days its more #frozen yogurts that go down healthy and happily 😀

THE GUIDING POINT! MAKE IT A REALITY, A REAL NEED!Food is a must with relationship building, as whoever heard of a successful business deal without a business lunch first, a Lchaim to seal the deal and an even bigger Lchaim after the money of the deal comes in. We are not talking about before alcohol anonymous type treats, but rather healthy treats that bridge unity that is long lasting healthy satiation with a smile. ->click here for the full story and many more <-:D

And then there’s the Purim Mishloach Manot and life gets really interesting, my advice is find a Wifey that keeps it simple and classy at the same time 😀 Where we pray an orange and children drink is all your going to get and that what we call simple D: