Mother’s day special – Remember what’s this house is all for, to fill with happiness, a real gift!

Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo.First day of #School for the #summer, now its time to take revenge before Mother’s day and make sure we really achieve success for all our studies and hard work pay off with big nachus!

Thanks to your support as we prepare for our 13 year olds to manhood – donate here <- Appreciation with donations!

Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo. Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo.From #Hallel to #Yom Hashoah to #Yom Hazikaron to #Yom Hatsmaout to #LagBomer to #shavous to #successfulpeople please G-d!
Today is the 15th day of the Omer. The 15th way is discovering the Oral Instructions for Living.

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Don’t Forget Mother’s day, <- Mother’s Day in 2014 is on Sunday, the 11th of May.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In some countries it was changed to dates that were significant to the majority religion, or to historical dates.

A special day to Remember, what’s this house is all for, to fill with happiness, a real gift!.

A special time to receive an important gift, happy healthy summer “guide” needed!.<-

“10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE YOUS” (&JEWS)! Clarified in 10 points!<-

About to hit the #gym for the first time since before #yomtov,

Tonight’s 1st class of the summer 8pm! “Are you really listening” – Check out class 5 from 4th Session, the last of the 5 classes from 4th Session inspired after a long break and renewed energy.

Following this bs’d will be the final 5th…

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Tribute to a role-model Rabbi Sacks, prev. Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, a fellow Englishmen!

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on #Family and #Marriage and a #Relationship #Guide!

midnightrabbi inspires!

Being from London, United Kingdom we must pay #tribute to a real #inspiration Rabbi Lord Sacks, prev. Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and Mazel tov to his #successor Chief Rabbi Mirvis with all the blessings!
Thanks Sir David Frost for a great interview!

Watch The Installation of Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis as Chief Rabbi

Mazel Tov Chief #Rabbi Jonathan Sacks one of the great leaders and inspiration of English Jews and People everywhere. Going beyond to influence the way towards good even more now beyond your office in England. Sincerely appreciated from an English Jew in Israel, A #Spirit of Unity and Peace coming to the #HolyLand!

Please watch to
-From the P.M. of England and prev. P.M.’s Praise to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, with important address in the Bet Shemesh, Israel community on the topic of “#KiddushHashem in a Complicated World!

Our English speaking students from Beit Shemesh Educational Center

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Holocaust to Hope- Midnightrabbi’s Yom HaShoah 2014 support of a great cause.

#struggle #everyday with #Jewish #History

Great work Ari Lesser and sensitivity to the time we’re in, as on our way to Shavuot together the ultimate wedding!
• Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943)
In the summer of 1942, about 300,000 Jews were deported from Warsaw to Treblinka. When reports of the mass murder in the killing center leaked back to the Warsaw ghetto, an organized resistance began forming, which managed to smuggle a modest chache of arms into the ghetto. On the 14th of Nissan of 1943, the remaining 35,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto (from an original 450,000) staged an organized uprising, and drove back the Nazis with a rain of bullets when they came to begin the final removal of all Jews. The Jewish resistance lasted 27 days. A heroic stand was made in an underground bunker under 18 Mila Street, where hundreds of fighters, including the 24-year-old leader of the uprising, Mordechai Anilevitch, met their death. Although the Ghetto was burned to the ground by Iyar 3, a few stray survivors hid in the rubble and fired at the Nazis for two months longer.

In tribute to the uprising, the Israeli government designated the 27th of Nissan as its official “#HolocaustandBraveryDay,” & Yom HaShoah and in many Jewish communities the day is observed as an annual Holocaust remembrance day. But because of the halachic prohibition to conduct eulogies and other mournful events in the festive month of Nissan, the chief rabbinate of Israel, and many Jewish communities, observe instead the 10th of Tevet as a day to mourn and remember the six million, which include many whose yahrtzeit (date of passing) remains unknown.

Daily Quote

A person should have two pockets in his coat. One should contain the Talmudic saying, “A person is commanded to maintain: For my sake was the world created.” In the second pocket he should keep the verse, “I am but dust and ashes.”

– Chassidic master Rabbi Simchah Bunim of Peshischa

Tonight is #YomHaShoah2014

Appreciate your support beyond words, please email here thanks -> We make a difference for the #survivors.

“10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE YOUS” (&JEWS)! Clarified in 10 points!

#Inspired Business approach from @Midnightrabbi #inspires continues with Stephen Covey’s life changing 7 Habits, approach and adapted to->“The 10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS” with Unity Focus!

The 1st Habit from Stephen Covey that inspires most people and relates so well with Inside.Outside approach is being “PROACTIVE” (e.g. like a Newbie writing this article to share).

This means not to be Reactive, rather to Pro-actively step out of the realm of Dependence to Independence. To develop a clear value system that resonates with Great company values.

This becomes our core focus and leads us to the 2nd Habit “BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND”, by writing and reviewing a “Mission Statement” which capsulate our Core Values in clear Goals.

Stephen Covey himself helped formulate many top companies with their “Mission Statement” and this helps all the company from Newbies till the top focus together on what our Mission is all about.

The 3rd Habit is “First things First” which is crucial (and will get our Performance Managers and Supervisors excited) is everyone keeping a clear and prioritized schedule. Once again our clear value system guides us daily to the main Quadrant of our life of clear Priorities and Values and is disallowing Emergencies and Unimportant activities to dominate our schedule.

The 4th Habit is when our Independence has a loftier goal of Interdependence. Through the “Win, WIN” approach every interaction with Colleagues, Customers and family, and friends, is all about ensuring that both sides WIN, everyone can gain attitude bringing about a Public success (our CEO’s can get Nachus).

The 5th Habit is SEEK TO UNDERSTAND, THEN BE UNDERSTOOD, i.e. Attentive Listening – Stephen Covey himself says this is the hardest Habit, and everyone in Customer Service knows as well as our QA scores reflect this as the real key to success.

The 6th Habit is to together SYNERGIZE as a Company (truly bonding with Team meetings, outings, activities, and compliance) – privately, with our Customers Satisfaction – publically, soaring high winning every kind of conceivable Customer Service awards and rising to the top of the industry is a role model to everyone else.

The 7th Habit is the key to all the Habits being applied “SHARPEN THE SAW”, which is our training, study time, quizzes, learning all the latest policies and Reviewing all the Habits and core values constantly.

Personally, I have taken these 7 Habits with thanks to Stephen Covey to a Jewish level. Space and time are limited to explain here the full depth of thoughts behind this, but for example, the 7th Habit comes alive every Shabbat / Shabbos when we have time to internalize all the true Core Values we live every week and learn at our elevating sparks at work.

Here is a very brief summary of “The 10 habits of Truly Effective You” which I think will directly help us all as a star.

The 1st Habit is Kindness (Chessed) – going out of our way to please the Customers.

The 2nd Habit is Goals (Gevorah) – remembering our Goals and QA guidelines on every call and chat.

The 3rd Habit is Honesty (Tiferet) – keeping the schedule and time from clocking in and out in a sincere focused manner.

The 4th Habit is Victory (Netsach) – make sure that everyone gains positively from every interaction.

The 5th Habit is Humility (Hod) – empathetically listening to everyone before making our educated point.

The 6th Habit is Unity (Yesod) – joining together as a real team to enjoy true success.

The 7th Habit is Shabbat (Malchus) – the key to continued success is continuous Training, Review, Education and Internalization.

The 8th Habit is Understanding the Voice of our times (Binah) – a culture of innovation and inspiration.

The 9th Habit is Wisdom to choose (Chochmah) – how to plan the successful path ahead and to protect from distractions to the true Goals of the company and personnel.

The 10th Habit is Intrinsic Worth (Kesser – Crown) – to truly appreciate ourselves and the gift of being employed where-ever we are..)

Thank you for reading the brief version and appreciate feedback –

Sincere regards from Eli Goldsmith 0533175856

Our goals of this effective new course for YOU!

– To be happier, understand, collaborate and apply the amazing books from Stephen R Covey specifically the “7 habits of highly effective people”.

family paul together 2– To develop a new Torah / Jewish perspective on this much-needed guide, through learning together inspirational approaches, forming these approaches, finding their source in Torah sources and bringing this all alive through our own mission statements, notes and eventual book.

– To be proactive in developing our commitment to real goals and organizing our priorities and time management.

– To make the most out of our time and energy to live more successful and focused happy lives.

– To develop and refine our mission statement together with renewal and dedication!

Midnightrabbi inspires aka Eli Goldsmith <-(click here for the year in review) – my #missionstatement Please Email to be a part of this important needed cause!

Communication / Education
 – To be a community manager – advise people through personal conflicts – Struggle Group Inspired – relate to people’s different interests/ goals/ ideas, in order to empower them – in touch with current educational issues and visualise positive change and growth – to clearly listen and be supportive to people’s needs in a dynamic way, with Eternal Values!

Networking – collaborate with people & their various projects – believing in people’s causes and branching them out to succeed – to successfully bridge gaps to correct all stratum of society on a global level, please G-d!

1. Intro class  – “Proactive way”  (1st habit)  The 1st class <- listen here from our 1st session together! 
– Check out class 1, from the 2nd Session 😀 <- “Be proactive and kind”,  and from 3rd Session Choose to be #proactive with a #smile,<- listen here!
-From the 4th session of the 10 habits of truly effective Jews!<-click here to listen! Being truly proactive in a way that lasts forever taking the 10 habits with you always, to be dedicated to G-d is to be dedicated to whom G-d truly loves, loving You and Jews and all the Crews!
IMG_06981st Class of the 5th Session,<- the 10 habits towards the 10 commandments inspired! “Really being Proactive, it’s the only way to happiness!” Donate at the new -> Donate Generously! DonateNowActionButtonDonate and live the 10th Commandment- “you shall not covet the house of your fellow etc… ” is applied by doing kindness and being truly proactive so only the light of the soul fills your heart. This will be discussed more habit 2, class 2 of Session 5!
2. Mission Statements “begin with end in mind” (2nd habit) – 2nd class in 2 stages from 1st session on Mission Statements, Personal shared, Mission statement builder etc…
– Check out class two from 2nd Session  <- “Begin with end in mind” working on goals, values, Mission statements “Renewal with truly effective purpose”! 
– 2nd Class, 3rd Session, Renewal of Mission Statements constantly and finding the path of life 😀
CAM00104– Listen to 4th Session, 2nd Habit,<-Click here, “Begin with end in mind”  really writing our goals, values, Mission statements that you can take with you for the rest of your life and sincerely make a difference with!
“Refining Mission Statements” – 3rd class from 1st session on refining our goals i.e. personal, family, group, business, organization. Truly understanding the “begin with end in mind” from inspirational sources!
Listen to the 5th Session, 2nd Class 2nd Habit of the 7 habits/ 10 Habits / 10 Commandments!<-  “Begin with your goals in heart and mind” to be more successful while being true to yourself and others!
love windows3. Check out class 3 from 2nd Session , <- “first things first” priorities with time management and schedule .What’s really going to make you happy? 8th habit clear definitions of the first 3 habits, towards honesty, trust, integrity and emotional healthy relationships. Accomplishing in being Jewish in an emotional positive heart level that’s truly effective!  
 “First Things First ” the #3rdHabit, 3rd class, from 3rd Session,<- getting priorities straight with the last months of great opportunities in the holy land and Yeshivat Ashreinu till next time bs’d.– Learning 1st things 1st, 3rd class from 4th session,<- listen here, really using your time to connect with the priorities like family and good friends, so you can truly be effective and use your time back in Israel afterwards! 
IMG_0598– “First thing first” (3rd habit) – 4th class from 1st session, working from our mission statements which we framed or carry with us, constantly refining our goals, values, principles and organizing our life with centered based process of what is truly important and what isn’t, e.g. not to be money centered, or women centered, or power centered, but rather spiritually centered, family centered, truth and love centered etc… Private victory before Public victory, Dependence to Independence then to Interdependence!
love“Going in to what Time management really is” – 5th class from 1st session part 1part 2  and part 3 , e.g. the 4 quadrants, preventing of urgent pressure, and time wasting, focusing on principles and goals that really matter with worked out schedules that reflect this true focus, the power of daily devotion to prayer as an inspired way to elevate every 12 hour period of night and day with unified approach to all (Shema Yisrael 12 words = oneness) the power of speech, song, and happiness to use time fully and with life force, appreciation of the gift of life and everyday challenges of growth and success, Taking the schedule of priorities wherever you go from School, to Uni. Or college , to the work place. shidduch is never too late-“Family first”- 6th class from 1st Session, keeping Schedule the right way, the hardest challenge of our generation, bringing stories of Mission statements to make true relationships priority and cashing in big on meaningful relationships due to Family being first. Emergency or Urgent situations bringing out realizations, of career minded people with 3 iPhones and other means of distractions to awaken there life to their marriage and family is priority one. Not forgetting this truth even when the urgency is thank G-d dissolved and seemingly more normal life ensues to keep Family first, bringing blessing to work, happiness and good children. 
“First things first, really using and stealing our time as time is priceless”! <- listen to (3RD HABIT) 3rd Class from 5th Session with Clarity!
4.  “Think “win win” (4th habit) class 4 from 2nd Session <- a new life of Joy comes from an increase in integrity and wanting everyone to be successful!
– The 4th class, from 3rd Session <-, “Think win win for happy relationships today”,
– Listen here thanks<- and “Think win win” and help everyone be a winner the last class before the break, class 4 from 4th Session 😀
yochanan snow boarding– “Think Win Win” (4th habit) -> 7th class from 1st Session “think win win”, to give us a taste from this weeks Parsha Beshalach of what the public victory of eternal success based on properly applying the 1st, 2nd, 3rd habits so a person can enter the 4th truly grounded on kind, principled, approach to daily life and really want good for everyone under your sphere of influence. A story of success that keeps growing with endless investments in positive relationships, encouragements, and large scale “think win win” approach to every deal and moment in life, the song of good moments every day giving strength from the first 3 habits to really win win inspired in all matters of life.

5.  “Are you really listening” – 8th class from 1st Session! “How to internalize” and live” the first 4 habits before entering the hardest habit so far of “Seek first to understand” (5th habit) to really listen, empathise and be ready for the deepest revelations of history, intense real relationships and life filled with meaningful experiences that call out to us all!
– Check out class 5 from 2nd Session, <- Stories of people building success with their sphere of influence in really seeking to inspire everyone to succeed i.e. Listening is the key for everyone to succeed!!
– The 5th class, Session 3<-, “Really Learning to Listen!” Living life with true understanding and good relationships with all!

“Now you came, are you really really wanting to listen” < Check out class 5 from 4th Session!
hamans pants

6. “Synthesize” (6th habit) 9th class from 1st Session! “bringing it all together”  needs the first 5 habits to be organized and alive to synthesize. Everyone needs real changes to access the inner aspects of life. The “Courage to change” and be changed is the key to this important process of combining everything. However, at the same time the principles of “Begin with end in mind” (2nd habit) I.e. the mission statement filled with principles and value-centered life needs to be strengthened and focused even more!
– Truly connection in class 6 from 2nd session,<- “Synergize” ( 6th habit) as the Stones are on the way to the holy land and we can find a third alternative. The results are truly beyond our minds and understandings!  
inspiration with the 6th Class, Session 3,<- “Synergize as 1 plus 1 = 3, 10, 100, 1000, etc… ” Grow with sincere unity :D!

“To become one” – – Check out class 6 from 4th Session, the last of the 4 classes from 4th Session inspired “Synergize” (habit 6) -> midnightrabbi-1nspiration
key chalah

7.  “Sharpening the saw” (7th habit) “Renewal with truly effective purpose” 10th class from 1st Session with the 3 true habits beyond.
– “Renewal” (7th habit) Class 7 from 2nd Session,<- rethink our approach with constant study, research and inspiration”. Refreshing the picture daily with Simcha and warmth! Wow, class 7, session 3,<- Family First 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with effective #families making the difference, even the#guests feel it,  The 7th habit and Cheers to L’Chaim, #renewal this inspiration will bring!
– From 7th habits Leading to a more inner world (8th habit) hearing your voice. This level of understanding and expressing our inner essence needs the connection to 2 newer habits to really be enhanced and truly effective. This is the 9th and 10th habit of “removing distractions from our purpose on an inner level“, AND REAL RECOGNITION OF WHO WE TRULY ARE AND WHOM WE TRULY SERVE AS JEWS”. By constant research, education, and learning with the inner relationship in mind and awareness of who we really are

Class 7, Session 4, “Sharpening the Saw” (the 7th habit) “#Renewalwith Lag B’Omer light” (revealing the hidden light)! Listen here ->midnightrabbi-in-israel!
avraham shinning smile8.  “Inner Voice of Truth” (habit 8) class 8 from 2nd Session, <- “8th habit,  finding our voice, and helping others find theirs, which inspires us all to truly grow and succeed…”
– Listen to Class 8, from 3rd Session, Habit 8,<- Eat, Drink and be Happy because now we hear our voice and can help others hear theirs!

-“Our Voice makes a difference” <- listen to the 8th habit, class 8, Session 4, especially in this generation our inner voice is even more expressed. This is growing with technology and networking!

midnight and phonix simchas9.  “Removing distractions (9th habit) 9th Class 2nd Session, <- Remember who we really are and prevention of distractions to achieve this” e.g. with being a mensch, proactive life, is not allowing people and circumstances to act upon us, rather to effectively act on situations and shine forth like the Jews being true to themselves throughout history! 

tolner rebbe9th class, from the 3rd session, 9th habit,<-  Touching on true reality and prevention of distractions to achieve this! 

“Run from the distractions and disconnect to reconnect”<- (9th Habit) Class 9, Session 9,  getting ready for Session 5 (10 new classes) the 10 habits = 10 commandments inspired for life!
10.   “True soul knowledge” (10th habit) Belief in ourselves and completion of exile,” 10th class from 2nd Session, <- what’s really going to make you happy? Inspirational stories of dedicated people to honesty,  trust, integrity, and emotionally healthy relationships. Accomplishing in being in touch with emotionally positive heart levels that’s truly effective!

The 10th class, from 3rd Session, 10th habit<- The Inner Journey on which makes all the difference and the ultimate journey home! 10th habit inspired!
Check out the Summary class from 2nd Session,<-”Internalizing the 10 habits of truly effective Jews” as what we learned is the key to Joy by tapping into the light that grows within. The 10th habit and level are truly beyond our minds and understandings, but we always can learn important tools and practical advice from the biggest of lights! 

lag bomerdLast class of Session 4, 10th Habit!<- “Getting high, staying high with this Inner message of 2014-7”, the 10 habits towards the 10 commandments getting ready for Session 5! Lag B’omer to Shavuot 2014!

speech positive midnightrabbi guideImportant Good news Coming soon the last of the 5 classes from 4th Session inspired after a long break and renewed energy.
Following this with G-d’s help will be the final 5th Session of this year of the 10 habits inspired, coming from the 10 sayings of creation, healing from the 10 plagues on all our enemies, and leading towards the 10 commandments in all their glory in Jerusalem, Israel, this year’s finale.
10 inspiring classes from the 5th Session inspired will change our lives forever and your contribution is crucial and appreciated. Email any time for collaboration that over these next 6 weeks and nights will leave us all truly fortunate and inspired for life!

Check out the new educational version <- Just in for 2014/5/6! Sincere thanks to Shmuel Diamond of Diamond Images Photography for the donation of free books of the 7 habits and all the included editions and inspiration to begin this journey!

Getting ready for Passover, Pesach 2014, 5774

Less than A week to go till Pesach-חג הפסח 101 and #missingmyboys, but feeling good after #matzah baking enjoy we will!

Pre- #Pesach notice: Sadness and depression are the two worst forms of spiritual chometz. They have no place in our house or in our hearts! If all the pre-Pesach work is getting you down, G-d forbid, click and be kind JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith <-

midnightrabbi inspires!

In less that a MOment it will be the holiday of Pesach (Passover) “just trying to wake you up or scare you lol”, celebrating the Exodus from Egypt. Please see below all the laws (in comments) that you need to know in order to Prepare Your House for Pesach 5774 (Based on the Halachic Rulings of Rabbi Shlomo Gissinger Shlita, Rav in Lakewood NJ) and please be kind and donate. This is a time of giving money for the poor so they can buy wheat for Matzos etc… (continued below) This is the first law to learn and the most important on Pesach/Passover as we are a nation based and built on KINDNESS>>>!

This coming Passover, (don’t you passover), the Jaffa Institute is hosting a Pesach Seder for 500 impoverished Ethiopian immigrants in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center’s beautiful new dining hall. For many of these families, this will be the…

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