Mother’s day special – Remember what’s this house is all for, to fill with happiness, a real gift!

Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo.First day of #School for the #summer, now its time to take revenge before Mother’s day and make sure we really achieve success for all our studies and hard work pay off with big nachus!

Thanks to your support as we prepare for our 13 year olds to manhood – donate here <- Appreciation with donations!

Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo. Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo.From #Hallel to #Yom Hashoah to #Yom Hazikaron to #Yom Hatsmaout to #LagBomer to #shavous to #successfulpeople please G-d!
Today is the 15th day of the Omer. The 15th way is discovering the Oral Instructions for Living.

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Don’t Forget Mother’s day, <- Mother’s Day in 2014 is on Sunday, the 11th of May.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In some countries it was changed to dates that were significant to the majority religion, or to historical dates.

A special day to Remember, what’s this house is all for, to fill with happiness, a real gift!.

A special time to receive an important gift, happy healthy summer “guide” needed!.<-

“10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE YOUS” (&JEWS)! Clarified in 10 points!<-

About to hit the #gym for the first time since before #yomtov,

Tonight’s 1st class of the summer 8pm! “Are you really listening” – Check out class 5 from 4th Session, the last of the 5 classes from 4th Session inspired after a long break and renewed energy.

Following this bs’d will be the final 5th…

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