A Tribute – more than words – Jeff Pulver @hugs.com

Old scool blog, but amazing to see how #guides and #relationships develop and transform. Check the top of post for latest pics of @jeffpulver and @midnightrabbi with hugs:D We can believe in ourselves and become leaders too.

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Quick thanks to my special father Martin Goldsmith for making this important introduction…

To introduce Jeff Pulver is beyond words and maybe beyond twitter and for sure beyond hugs – so see for yourself!

Latest Return from Eli in teli with a present or 2, advice is golden! Came home with a present or 2 thanks to Jeff Keni Pulver amazing transformation and successful experience and friendship!
Real pleasure :DAmazing!

Here is just one tiny example of how every day Jeff Pulver truly makes a difference!

@midnightrabbi thanks for making a difference each and every day. Thanks for being there when people need you the most. Hugs to you sir.

Jeff speaking at one of the many breakfasts he organised bringing people together and allowing us to all have great networking opportunities… 

Lets see a bit more about Jeff Pulver…

Jeff-Keni-Pulver<- (the Jeff Pulver Fan Page)Friends who are trying to…

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