Truth needs to bring change and real peace, but right now the sirens are blaring!

The truth starts with how we face ourselves and our homes and then our familiy and friends, and only then the nation and beyond. Look what happens when we loose focus of the real truth and relationships!!!!
Recommend this great video from Stephen Covey – the 8th Habit full audio !

A new course is recommended based on Inspiring. Stephen R Covey – “7 habits of highly effective people/families”



Posted on March 27, 2014 by Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith
THE GUIDE FOR Relationships, HUSBAND WIFEY HAPPY! <- Ourboox

Zusha is in the holy land, we want a show, email to sponsor and bring more soul in music!
Zusha – The East Shtetl Niggun (Gaisin and Mlotek, on cajon, during a jam earlier this year)
Thanks for getting in touch. Always amazing to connect to another yid, especially when he’s trying to lift up da nation.
Basically, Zusha have been experimenting with this neo-hassidic folk thing for a few years now. They have solidified into a tight trio (Zachariah Goldschmiedt – Guitar, Elisha Mlotek – percussion, and Shlomo Gaisin – vocals), showcasing Shlomo Gaisin’s really unique melodies and vocal soloing, over the past few months and are currently finishing up work on their first EP, set to release this August.
The band will all be in Israel from August 10th – 18th, and the dream is to spread these soulful restorative tunes throughout the homeland during that week.
I have linked three of their videos here (including an Acapella three-weeks-friendly one), as well as an early track of theirs recorded in the guitarist’s makeshift home studio, for you to give others a feel for the music. Otherwise, when the EP comes Zusha – Tzion:
Thanks so much for listening and I cannot wait for the world to hear this revolutionary EP.
Zusha – Dreams – UWS (from an intimate acoustic apartment show with friends) Vocals – Shlomo Ari Gaisin, Influences Shabbos

Guitar – Zachariah Juke Goldschmiedt, Hometown Manhattan

Percussion – Elisha Mendl Mlotek,  ” Loving the sincere soulful sounds ” Midinightrabbi inspired!

 Zusha is in the holy land, we want a show, email to sponsor and bring more soul in music!

midnightrabbi inspires!

This Shabbos afternoon was the 3rd time we had to enter a bomb shleter of our home in Israel the holy land! I don’t usually write or post the news. I stay far from political intrigue etc.. But living through this and personally i have it easy so far B’H need some coverage, especially those in Ashdod etc…

Seeing that I just witnessed 2 days ago next to my house sirens blaring after a long day of work and saw 2 rockets blow up in front of my town. BH keep praying thanks no one is hurt. Definatly traumatized. My boss wanted me at his wedding in Teli. Which is where I’m went right after, passing through Bnei barak. We’re a Stiff necked people עקשנים the Torah kedosha truly praises us as life goes on and Hashem is keeping us brachmanus strong. Thanks for caring we’re ok bottom line


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