Real recipes from! Insect-Free salads, herbs and vegetables: from the O.U. with appreciation!

Good #Kosher Food makes a big difference to achieve Marital Bliss, also keep it #healthy and #happy too. #struggle to #carryon with Rabbi Fischel Schachter. Last night #inspired July 13th ,2014 as the #sirens and #rockets continue to fall on Israel, B’H

We are happy, #inspired and honored to have hosted Rabbi Fischel Schachter Shlita the well-known Mechanech and inspirational speaker – Sunday 9pm July13th 2014 We enjoyed last years visit which we posted here!<-

 Bs’d This years speech 2014<- Download the class here and share thanks! 

Kosher Eli

Real Insect-Free salad: A Guide to Home Vegetable Inspection – Leafy Vegetables (1 of 4)

What could be more refreshing than a vegetable salad? The lush greens, so crunchy and healthful. And yet, they fill many hearts with dread: “How will we check them for bugs?”

Fret no more! In this DVD, OU Kosher provides YOU with a guide to checking vegetables in YOUR kitchen. A wide variety of vegetation is featured: lettuce, cabbage, herbs, strawberries and others.
This video features Rabbi Yosef Eisen, the Rabbinic Administrator of the Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns & Rockaway and an OU Kosher Rabbinic Coordinator from 1990-1999. Rabbi Eisen shares his vast expertise in a clear and engaging way so that the steps in inspection are simple to follow.
Eating a bug is much worse than eating ham; it’s crucial to learn how to make your vegetables 100% kosher. This video will…

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