With prayer and kindness we will be coming from London to Tel Aviv Today!

Even during the 3 weeks, after all the tragedy we still have to serve Hashem bsimcha with happiness and #inspiration. This will bring good news for us all as well as the sincere mourning we are doing. Keep praying for all soldiers and doing good deeds now!#


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Just before the Children of Israel cross the Jordan river on
their way to the land of Israel, they are warned that their
settlement in the land of Israel was contingent upon their
destroying of any idolatry that they encounter there [1].

The Torah is eternal and its teachings are always relevant.
What then are we to learn today from this incident?

During a spurt of missile attacks upon Israel, the Torah
leader of the generation, R’ Chaim Kanievsky, reassured many
people that Torah study would protect the city of Bnei Brak
from missiles.
When a missile did fall in the Bnei Barak area, the news
reached R’ Chaim.
“It cannot be”, he replied.

Later it was indeed verified that the missile had actually
fallen 15 meters outside of the border of Bnei Barak.

G-d runs the world, and times of war are no exception [2].

We have been taught that the land of Israel is difficult to
acquire [3]. But today a person can simply get on an
aeroplane and arrive in Israel within a few hours. Rather
then, physically being in Israel might not be so difficult,
but truly living in the spiritual land of Israel – the way
that we should – is an entirely different matter.

Riding the land of the enemies is repeatedly referred to
as “horash” [4] which can also mean to inherit [5]. If we
fail to rid ourselves of our ‘enemies’ – sin; negative
influences and our evil inclinations – then we do not truly
deserve the land of Israel [6]. But if we behave the way we
should, then nobody can take the land away from us.

The very word ‘Yisroel’ can be split to read ‘lo yoresh’ –
will not inherit, or ‘yoresh E-l’ – inherit G-d. Only by
connecting to G-d do we connect to the land of Israel.

Let us hope and pray, but most importantly act in the way
that will enable us to receive the much needed Divine
protection [7].

Have a possessive Shabbos,

[1] Bamidbar 33:49-53 and Rashi and Sifsei Chachamim
[2] See Shemos 15:3 and Avoda Zora 2b
[3] Brachos 5a
[4] Bamidbar 33:52, 53, 55
[5] See Rashi, Bamidbar 33:52 and second approach of Sifsei
Chachamim;and see also Sforno, Bamidbar 33:53
[6] See Rashi, Bamidbar 33:51-52, 53 and Bereishis 1:1 with
[7] See Bamidbar 34:55, 56


midnightrabbi inspires!

photo 5Going to miss my fam and friends in London, but even more our fam in the holy land if I don’t get on my flight tomorrow!!! Please pray for us all people!!!Midnightrabbi inspires #TelAviv #Israel update my flight is cancelled !!! Only good news as i want to go home to my family and friends… please pray for us all …
Updated 22nd July 23.30
The safety and security of easyJet’s passengers and crew is the airline’s highest priority.
Due to the FAA’s instruction to all United States’ airlines to suspend their flights to Israel easyJet is suspending its services to and from Tel Aviv for 24 hours and as a result will not be operating Luton/Tel Aviv/Luton and Basel/Tel Aviv/Basel flights on Wednesday 23 July.

Thereafter, easyJet will review its operations to and from Israel on a day by day basis taking into account the advice from…

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