In The Company of Heroes By Dan Gordon and Sirens strengthen emuna!

Truth has to be the guide in every relationship!

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Please read this it is truly inspiring and amazing. Dan Gordon is a captain in the IDF.
please-read-this-it-is-truly-inspiring <- #inspired!
#&quot;Photo: Everything Hashem does in the world is a message for us.The current war in Gaza and the Red Alert sirens are no exception. The whole purpose of the sirens are to remind us that there’s no one to trust but Hashem.The Hebrew word for siren is azaka, אזעקה – which has a numerical value of 183. The Hebrew words for faith and trust, emuna v’bitachon, אמונה ובטחון – also equal 183. There you have it – the entire purpose of the siren us to enhance our faith and trust in Hasahem. Once we do so on our own accord, we won’t need the sirens to prod us.

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  1. Truth has to be the guide in every relationship!



    July 29, 2014
    In The Company of Heroes
    By Dan Gordon
    I had the great privilege of accompanying Major General (Ret) Avigdor Kahalani to an artillery battalion, somewhere in the war zone. General Kahalani is one of Israel’s greatest war heroes, a veteran of the Six Day War, The Yom Kippur War and the First Lebanon War. It is not an exaggeration to say that were it not for the actions of Avigdor Kahalani and the men under his command, the Syrians, who had already taken most of the Golan Heights, would have been able to push into Northern Israel, and the fate, not only of the war but, of the State of Israel would have been very much in doubt.
    Instead, Kahalani and those under his command were instrumental, not only in recapturing the Golan Heights, but pushed deep into Syrian territory until they literally were within artillery range of Damascus. It was a feat almost unheard of in the annals of modern warfare, in which a country recovered from a devastating Pearl Harbor like attack, were confronted with totally new tactics by a well trained, superbly well-armed adversary, adjusted to the new realities, counter attacked, and within two and a half weeks were on the outskirts of the attacking force’s capital. Quite simply, General Kahalani and others like him saved Israel. At the end of his military career, General Kahalani entered politics, was elected to Israel’s Parliament, served as an inner circle cabinet minister, and participated in some of the Israeli government’s most critical debates and decisions. After retiring from the political arena Kahalani became the Chairmen of AWIS, the Association for the Welfare of Israel’s soldiers.
    It was in that capacity that he went out to meet with the soldiers serving, under fire, in the field. For those young soldiers it was a chance to meet a living legend, as close as Israel has to Patton or MacArthur. I thought he was going to give them a sort of pep talk, though their spirits didn’t need any rallying.
    I’ve been in the Israel Defense Forces for forty years, and I’ve never seen morale so high, and never seen the country so united behind its soldiers. The other day I was in a restaurant at a crossroad just before the Gaza border. It’s sort of the last place to get a good meal before you hit the border into no man’s land. I was hungry as your basic honey badger, and had ordered a huge meal, knowing it would probably be the only chance I’d have to eat that day. When I went to pay the bill the waitress said it had already been taken care of.
    “Somebody bought me lunch? “ I asked, wanting to thank my benefactor.
    “No,” she said, “Somebody picked up the bill for every soldier here.” There were easily fifty soldiers eating lunch there. “It happens like that every day now,” she said and smiled.
    I’ve had total strangers take me in, offer me a bathrobe while they washed my uniform, feed me, literally offer me their beds to sleep in and their bathrooms to shower in. Amazing…amazing.
    So the troops didn’t need a pep talk.
    But what Kahalani told them, I found extraordinary.
    He spoke quietly. So quietly the young soldiers leaned forward to catch ever word and when he spoke it was with a conviction that came straight from his heart and went straight into the hearts of all of those who heard him.
    “We never taught you to hate,” he said, “not this army, not the Israel Defense Forces. We never taught you to hate. And there are armies in the world who do that. And I don’t know, maybe it works to a degree, maybe by hating the enemy you are a fiercer fighter. I don’t know. But we never taught you that. And I’ll tell you why. If we teach you to hate, you can’t undo that. You’ll come back from the war and it won’t be the “enemy,” it will be your brother in law, or your neighbor or your former friend. Once you teach people to hate, they’ll find someone to hate. So we never taught you that.”
    Suddenly he was speaking, not like a General but like a loving father to his much loved sons and daughters.
    “We never taught you that. You know why you’re here. It’s not to hate anybody. It’s to defend your people, your homes and your families. Each of you has to feel as if the whole fate of the whole people of Israel is on you shoulders. Each of you holds that fate in your hands. But it’s not about hatred. And now you’ve inherited that tradition from my generation, and you’ll be the ones to continue it. But those who inherit have a responsibility. I know you won’t disappoint me.”
    That was the pep talk from Israel’s Patton during a cruel and vicious war that was forced upon us by an equally cruel and vicious adversary, Hamas.
    The pep talk was: Don’t hate. Do what you need to do to defend your homes, your families and your people. But don’t hate.
    To the Palestinian people of Gaza: We don’t hate you. We don’t wish you ill. We want only to live in peace side by side with you. When you come out of wherever you’ve been able to take refuge, ask yourself why Hamas never built you any shelters to protect you. They’re great at digging tunnels after all. They’ve dug them under our border, intending to murder as many of our civilians as possible; our women and children, gathered in agricultural village dining halls. Not soldiers, not warriors, but our women and children and old people.
    So they’re good at building tunnels.
    Why didn’t they build any for you to take shelter in?
    Then look at your neighborhoods, which are destroyed now because they housed the entrance points to those tunnels, not next to your homes but in your homes!
    They turned your homes and neighborhoods into rocket launching sites and weapons storage depots. Not by accident, but to make you vulnerable, to insure, in fact, that you would be in harm’s way no matter how many warnings Israel issued before it attacked. Ask why Hamas told you to ignore those warnings and that it was your duty to stay in those neighborhoods that they had turned into military targets.
    Ask yourself why Hamas didn’t accept the Egyptian Cease fire proposal that would have prevented the ground invasion and all the subsequent death and destruction.
    It wasn’t a Zionist plot.
    It was an Egyptian proposal, endorsed by the Arab League and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. and Israel accepted it immediately and unconditionally!
    It was Hamas which rejected it by launching a massive rocket attack, followed up by four separate terrorist tunnel attacks aimed not at our soldiers but at our women and children, who were meant to be murdered, maimed and taken hostage, dragged back through those tunnels into Gaza, so Khaled Mashal could declare a Divine Victory from a five star hotel in Qatar while you eat the dust of Gaza.
    Look at your neighborhoods.
    How’s Hamas’s Holy War working out for you?
    Are your lives better?
    Do your children have a better future?
    Do they have any future but suffering?
    Hamas and their ilk have been trying to drive us into the sea for over a hundred years now.
    How’s that working out for you?
    Look at your lives and look at ours.
    Despite not knowing one day of peace, our cities are beautiful, our women are gorgeous, our men handsome, our children, the apple of our eyes, our industry flourishes, our start up nation is the envy of the world. Our sense of personal happiness, though we have been constant victims of terrorist attacks and war, is amongst the highest of any people on earth. We live longer, have more college graduates, more computers more scientific papers published, more artists, musicians, scientists and entrepreneurs per capita than almost any place on earth. Our cows produce more milk than any other dairy cattle. Our agriculture exists almost entirely on reclaimed water and no country on earth does more with desalinized water than Israel. Droughts which would destroy another country have no affect on us. And we’ve done all that despite Hamas and their ilk’s stated plans to destroy us.
    You’ve gone to war against us three times in the last five years.
    You’ve initiated each one and we’ve begged you, before each, not to launch more rockets at us.
    But each time you were promised a new divine victory.
    The rockets would be the sword that would defeat us.
    We invented Iron Dome.
    The tunnels would be Hamas’s “surprise” that would “open the gates of hell to us.”
    We’re inside those tunnels right now. Blowing them up.
    And who has paid the bitterest price?

    Is it worth it? Are you getting something out of all this?
    Here’s an idea. You’ve tried war three times in five years? Try something new.
    Try peace.
    You don’t even have to call it peace. .
    Just stop trying to kill us and prepare to be amazed at how good your lives will become..
    But what about the siege?
    The so called “siege” which is nothing more than a sanction regime, was put in place because you keep trying to kill us!
    So stop.
    You’re smart people. You’re industrious people. Stop trying to kill us and you won’t need to be a martyr to get into Paradise. You’ll have Paradise on earth. You can become the Singapore of the Middle East. You have beautiful beaches that can be developed for tourism. You’re on the Mediterranean for Goodness sake! You are creative and hard working and talented. Put those talents to use at trying to improve your lives instead of trying to end ours.
    You will become the gateway between Europe and the Middle East. There are donors lined up and waiting to offer you a Marshall Plan that will make your lives sweet. The plan that Khaled Mashal has for you, however, leads only to death.
    You don’t even have to love us.
    You don’t even have to like us.
    In fact you can continue to hate us, if that gives you some sort of emotional comfort. It won’t bother us. Knock yourselves out. Just stop trying to kill us
    When Hamas tells you it’s a Holy War tell them to read the Quran. The Sura of The Children of Israel; Sura 17:104, “And we said to the Children of Israel, Dwell securely in the Promised Land, and when the last warning comes, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd”
    That’s us!!
    How much more mingled can we get? We’ve been gathered together, not just according to our prophecy, but to yours!
    We come from every corner of the earth, because for two thousand years every Jew on Earth, who celebrates Passover or Yom Kippur, be they black white, brown or any of the rainbow hues the make up our people, says, “Next Year in Jerusalem”.
    So read that part of the Quran when they tell you to strap a suicide belt onto your son or daughter.
    And for all your supporters and enablers, for those who march to end the death and destruction, if you really care about the Palestinians of Gaza, as you claim to, just tell them to try to stop trying to kill us.
    Give it a decade.
    Try it.
    We’re not going anywhere. You won’t defeat us. You won’t destroy us. You won’t cast us into such despair that we leave the land we’ve yearned for, worked for, sweated and bled for, for two thousand years. We won’t withdraw from the Middle East. Because we live here. Our religion wasn’t born in Poland. It was born here. Our language wasn’t born in Russia or America or France or Ethiopia or Yemen or Morocco. It was born here. And I promise you, we won’t become war weary. We can’t afford to.
    Just stop trying to kill us.
    Because we don’t hate you. We don’t teach our children or our soldiers to hate you. The words of our national anthem sum up the only thing we want; Lihiot am chofshi bi artzeinu, Eretz Zion, Yerushalayim….” To be a free people. In our land. The land of Zion, Jerusalem.” Just like it says in the Quran.
    Dan Gordon is a captain in the IDF (res)
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    דברים א ד) אחרי הכתו את סיחון מלך האמורי אשר יושב בחשבון ואת עוג מלך הבשן אשר יושב בעשתרות בעדראי
    In the sefer Igrah D’pirka from the Bnei Yissaschar he writes that the nations of Sichon and Og dwelling in Eiver Hayardein served as guards and “filters” ensuring that absolutely no kedusha would be allowed to enter Eretz Yisrael which was the habitat of the seven nations. These two kingdoms are compared to the להט חרב המתהפכת (Bereishis 3,24) and the destructive angels that were placed in front of Gan Eden to restrain Adam from ever returning inside for the purpose of attaining a greater deveikus with Hashem. Their function was the exact opposite of our kedushas mezuzah which is affixed onto the doorpost in order to protect the Jewish Home from infiltration of all sorts of tumah. This purpose of mezuzah is conveyed by the acronym ofשדיwhich is the name written on the outer side of the parchment which spells שומר דלתות ישראל. A further proof to this concept is that we also write on the outer parchment of the mezuzah three holy names כוזו במוכסז כוזו which is gematriah 213 the same gematriah of סיחון עוג.
    The Imrei Emes writes (Devarim תרסה) that this is the meaning in the passuk that relates Balak’s telling Bilaam (Bamidbar 22,5) that the power of Yisrael is great becauseהנה כסה את עין הארץ they have successfully defeated Sichon and Og who were the עין הארץ the watchful eye of the land (Rashi). Here we find the word eye conveying the meaning to guard for without sight one cannot protect himself from oncoming danger. Sichon and Og each in their own impurity were the kelipos that protected the evil then existing in Eretz Yisrael from being eradicated. Sichon’s kelipah was that he affected and polluted the kedusha and the yashrus of one’s thoughts as the passuk says that he dwelled in Cheshbon which possesses the letters of חשב referring to the thinking process of man. The kelipah of Og strives to uproot mitzvah performance which is also hinted in his dwelling place called Edreheey which means hand. The donning of the tefillin of the hand protects one from the kelipah of Og while the tefillin of the head protects one from the kelipah of Sichon.
    With this we can have a deeper insight why the Torah juxtaposed the mitzvah of mezuzah next to tefillin. For just as the tefillin serve as the kedusah counterpart of the two kelipos of Sichon and Og, the mezuzah of kedusha also serves to eradicate the identical counterpart of Sichon and Og.
    This spiritual fortification of our minds and actions was also manifest in the grand commitment of Am Yisrael’s with their famous declaration at Har Sinai נעשה ונשמע that we will observe and we will listen to understand. Corresponding to these two commitments Yisrael were given the tefillin of the head and hand as ornaments to wear. Only after the chait of the Aigel when we lost our madraigah of Adam Harishon prior to the chait, these same tefillin lost their quality of ornaments but rather began serving us as weapons to fight against the yetzer harah and these two kelipos of Sichon and Og.
    According to the Ari who interprets that each month of the year corresponds to a part of the human face, Tammuz and Av correspond to the human eyes. This is what the passuk alludes to when it says (Aichah 1,16) על אלה אני בוכיה עיני עיני יורדה מים כי רחק ממני מנחם . It uses the double word of two eyes to refer to the two months of Tammuz and Av the period of the Three weeks when we mourn and cry for the Churban Beis Hamikdash. The fact that these months are referred to as eyes also alludes to the reason why the Churban and galus took place. We failed to be guardians over the influence of kelipas Sichon and Og who are also called the eyes the עין הארץ who protect tumah from being wiped out and ward off any penetration of increased kedusha. We unfortunately allowed the tumah into our lives (Sichon) and we distanced ourselves away from the kedusha (Og). We did not want to chance that by disallowing the tumah to enter and letting ourselves be open and inspired by Torah it perhaps would have made us feel guilty and we would start to regret our hedonistic life style and indulgence in bodily pleasures. Then we would have no choice but to change and face a huge turnabout challenge. Too hard!
    The Hamas’s strategy used during this war is their tunnels through which they seek to abduct and kill Yidden. The passuk says (Shmos 22,1) אם במחתרת ימצא הגנב that if the robber enters your premises through a tunnel you are allowed to kill him. One tzaddik explained this in a homiletic fashion thus. On the surface many of us appear to ourselves and to others as a “Sheiner Yid” a very fine Yid, flawless, a servant of Hashem. However if one would dig deeper into himself and really take out the time to make a cheshbon hanefesh, he might surprisingly come to the stark realization that he has flaws and plenty areas to improve in. This is what is meant that only through digging a tunnel within oneself will he find that he also is a ganev of some sort.
    In these weeks we are under fierce attack by our enemies through their kidnapping tunnels. Hashem is sending us the message that we too must dig deep tunnels into ourselves and make a true cheshbon hanefesh. Technology has successfully distracted us to the point that there is not anymore even a spare minute available for self analysis and introspection.
    כי רחוק ממני מנחם
    We want Moshiach whose name is מנחם to come (Sanhedrin 98b) but he appears at a distance. If we truly want this to happen we must rectify these two months ofעיני עיני with the conquering and eradication of these two kelipos Sichon and Og by becoming theעין the guardian over the ארציות the gravitational pull of earthliness, lusts and the pursuit of materialism. We must wear our tefillin and touch and kiss the mezuzah with this kavvanah for with their merit we can overcome the עין הארץ of evil. We must increase our Shabbos observance and geshmak for it is Shabbos which stands in place of the tefillin of the hand and head.
    The passuk says (Tehillim 33,18)עין ה’ אל יראיו . According to our understanding above we can explain this to mean that the guardians of Hashem belong to those who have yiras Shamayim. They are always seeking better ways of how to protect the kovod shamayim from the עין הארץ of Sichon and Og by not allowing for occurrences of chillul Hashem. They are the ones who encourage the placement of filters on all our senses in order to preserve the Torah way of thought and deed.
    תנו עוז לאלקים give strength to Hashem. How do we accomplish this? The Igrah D’kallah explains (Parshas Shelach) thatתנו is gematriah תמוז אב. During these two months one must strive to rectify any shortcomings in him that stem from the kelipos of Sichon and Og. By subjugating inappropriate thoughts and actions to the good, we become givers of strength to Hashem.
    The three weeks consists of 21 days which correspond to the Name of Hashem אהיה which is also equal to 21. The sefarim explain that this name symbolizes an individual’s process of change and growth of “becoming”, and “I will be”, instead of just merely existing under a cruise control lifestyle. We must now dig tunnels of kedusha within ourselves in order to hasten the coming of our Menachem in this month of Menachem Av. If we can become the עין הארץ of kedusha which is gematriah of 427 then we will merit משיח בן דוד our Menachem which is also 427 (including the three words) bimheirah veyameinu.
    Gut Shabbos
    Rav Brazil

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