My Twitter account was hacked and terroism goes beyond the line, online!

Giving is the key to every relationship, you keep giving and don’t worry about there giving! <-

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Eliezer Goldsmith #freegaza #freepalestine #gazaunderattack· @midnightisrahel on Twitter · from @midnightrabbi 
  •  Eli Pmusicsome one took over my Twitter account and changed it to isra… oih gevalt hackers who hate jews and Meaningful Israel Causes , Twitter need to fix this asap @@@!!!
  • Eli PmusicGot my account back B’H see above how the flow returns Midnightrabbi inspires , but im not going to keep this anti Israel pic they posted and hope they didn’t bother any of my contacts and friends. 
    We should share only good news!
    Going to pray and get ready for shabbos in Jerusalem b’H, but in the meanwhile need some therapy after all this trauma, sirens blared this week and we gave parcels to the soldiers which we can hear the booms from our home in the holy land!

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One thought on “My Twitter account was hacked and terroism goes beyond the line, online!

  1. Hi I heard the conversation between you and Mordechrei Weinberger at his live radio show this noon. I together with a groop of other men -all Chassidishe Youngeleit- got trained on a great fast working way on behalf of the Teans At Risk. I would like to know if you know of any Chasiddishe teens from Brooklyn between the ages of 14 and 22 that they are fully ready for that and that you would suggest them for us. i would realy apr if you would get back to me as soon as possable via Phone: 347-461-6274 or via Email: thanks in advance.

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