Lets really grow Together with Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW, Inspired!

Happy new year greetings from Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger to begin the new blessed year with a healthy life of awareness and positive relationship advice and more! After special days of remembrance of #inspired people, we move on to wish every one an #inspired new year, a Gmar Chaisma Tovah, Sealed for a good life!

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Happy new year greetings from Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger to begin the new blessed year with a healthy life of awareness and positive advice!

Just in Streamed live on Jul 1, 2014 With Mordechai Weinberger and  Rabbi Paysach Krohn on dealing with an increase in anxiety and pain with “Bd’H about the Murder of Three Special Israeli Teens” and other theraputic advice!

Rabbi (Mr.) Mordechai Weinberger graduated Wurzweiler School for Social Work with honors, was designated to speak and graduation, and earned his NYC license in Social Work shortly thereafter. He had previously received advanced training and certification in the One Brain technique, and is also certified by both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotists. Having a natural knack for understanding people and a broad grasp of emotional and cognitive issues, he expanded his scope of training and earned certifications in CBT, EFT, level 1…

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Encounters with the kitchen counter again!


We already established in a few different ways what counts to help make Husband, Wifey happy, however we didn’t count on the numerous ways to stimulate the kitchen counter to get clearer and thrown our Husbands way. So let’s get it straight with clarity and apply the crucial lessons we just heard recently by our Husband from the infamous Rabbi Manis Friedman shlita. Did you know this special Rabbi has a brother that has brought more happiness to Wifey than almost anyone with his songs, “Avraham Fried” (just look up the Google haDor and see the story that they really are brothers). The importance of happy song and soul filling Wifey’s home time, cheering on Husband’s newly focused time, with her can’t be underestimated. Then there’s an important theme that needs private sessions on either from your close Rabbi, Guide or if you’re fortunate enough Rabbi Friedman himself. Either way we all know the desires that function in a home which are really gifts to continue on the population and reproduction of an intimate love that is beyond explanation. This is not a book for deep reflections on this subject, however, really realizing how caught up our Husband can be on having his needs met and not allowing the true spiritual focus of the oneness of their soul! Our Husband wants food, service and sole focus, when really Our Husband really needs to give food; service and soul focus on Wifey. It’s a funny paradox of this world and testing ground to whose really spiritual and it all comes out to its full beauty with Husband, Wifey happy. How many times did our Husband wind up Wifey with his incessant needs? Causing Wifey to lose her cool and equilibrium, the messy kitchen counters ends up being emptied at her Husband and our Husband wishing he’d just kept his focus while picking up the crumbs and broken pieces on the floor. The inner message is not the reactions of our Husbands fallen head space, but rather a wakeup call to really be aware of what he’s in the world for and our Husband’s responsibility to Wifey. The deep respect our Husband has for Wifey as a special person, deserving a gentle touch and kind voice. Searching for her needs that brings to life the importance of Wifey is his first priority. Respecting the true need for her womanly space, rest and recognition as a real person!

So what about Wifey’s need to honor our Husband and build his true self esteem? To focus our Husband abilities and energies to build their family together and fulfill his purpose in the world! This is the help mate the Torah promises, always being there for each other hopefully only to aid to each other, not to help by being against each other. To know the lacks in their relationship is what will bring out their personal greatness from the problems they face together and how they can build solid approaches to transform these lacks to peaceful completion.

The point of the relationship is to come together and refine ones character traits. Not to burden each other with ones problems (rather to speak to their Rabbi, trustworthy friend, Guide or Counselor), but to support and give to each other. Allowing room for true intimacy in a way that befits two long lost souls that yearn to be joined in eternal unity! Just like our people’s long exile which will be resolved with everlasting unity with our Creator and Beloved with a dwelling place in this world, soon in our days amen!

So you may ask what this to do with the kitchen sink and counter, well the answer is obvious, everyone enjoys a good meal Yom Tov style, even G-d gets nachus at Happy new year Wifey, Husband family and friends too!

This message of unity and peace needs some basic guidelines that too many people know already and are part of daily life. Not to be taken for granted that G-d Himself created man and women, Husband and Wifey. He gave us instructions that capture the true sense of real relationships that build eternal homes. This is all based on the foundation of Holiness and Purity. Whether you have had the opportunity to taste the pleasure of true Torah relationships it’s definitely filled with richness and depth that all people could learn from and Jews are obligated to keep. In its essential honesty and real sensitivity to Husband and Wifey role together to build the world with happiness, amen.

The Shidduch (finding a life partner) Guide in short 5 point form!

This time of year needs a real #return to who we really are and what are we really looking for!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

The Shidduch (finding a life partner) Guide in short 5 point form!. The most imp. post and blog yet! To read the full version your going to have to help edit this and print for the full book, contact details are provided!

1.The big Guide of souls,

2.Sincere prayer,

3.The big Choice,

4. To know yourself and soul to find your soul mate.

5. Happiness/Simcha :) click the link above to read more^

A zivug is a life partner. In modern Hebrew today ben or bat zug is the politically correct term for ones significant other, equivalent to partner in English.

The word has some surprising connections to contemporary English via a common Greek root. Zivug comes from the Greek zogen, meaning to join and zeugen, a pair. This comes from the same source as zygote, which, means a complex cell generated by the reproduction of two gametes. According to…

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Intro to funny stories the Ant Infestation and smiley cake!

A time to enjoy the relationships we have is the best preparation for the new special year to come!

Rebbe Davening


midnightrabbi inspires!

This is a PRIVATE book but there are Glimpses on our new blog:-> “HUSBAND WIFEY”A BOOK IN THE WORKS WHICH YOU CAN BUILD TOGETHER <:-) Glimpse of one part of the new book you can help make public!

The Spiritual Guide to the Husband to make a happy Wifey, To be “together”, by Eliyahu Eliezer aka The Midnightrabbi inspired, With G-d’s help , and we need it – Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !

The Ant Infestation and smiley cake!

It was a special day of deeds of kindness, as many good husbands attempt to be in the good books and win brownie points. However, as you will tell, this husband needs to read the label more clearly and choose his weaponry more carefully.

The recent attack of ants, one in many beyond description, brought out the warrior and knight in arms in this endearing husband. Grabbing the most easy, cheapest…

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