Intro to funny stories the Ant Infestation and smiley cake!

A time to enjoy the relationships we have is the best preparation for the new special year to come!

Rebbe Davening<-

midnightrabbi inspires!

This is a PRIVATE book but there are Glimpses on our new blog:-> “HUSBAND WIFEY”A BOOK IN THE WORKS WHICH YOU CAN BUILD TOGETHER <:-) Glimpse of one part of the new book you can help make public!

The Spiritual Guide to the Husband to make a happy Wifey, To be “together”, by Eliyahu Eliezer aka The Midnightrabbi inspired, With G-d’s help , and we need it – Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !

The Ant Infestation and smiley cake!

It was a special day of deeds of kindness, as many good husbands attempt to be in the good books and win brownie points. However, as you will tell, this husband needs to read the label more clearly and choose his weaponry more carefully.

The recent attack of ants, one in many beyond description, brought out the warrior and knight in arms in this endearing husband. Grabbing the most easy, cheapest…

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