Enjoy Parshat Noach #KeepingItTogether #KneadingItTogether #ChallahBake #ShabbosProject #HavdallahConcert #alexclare #zusha #nissim and beyond!

Enjoy #Shabbosproject as a Peace filled #unityshabbos, Shabbat Shalom!The ultimate relationship gift #shabbatshalom Enjoy Parshat Noach #KeepingItTogether #KneadingItTogether #ChallahBake #ShabbosProject #HavdallahConcert #alexclare #zusha #nissim and beyond! Enjoy #Shabbosproject as a Peace filled… <-

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Enjoy #KeepingItTogether #KneadingItTogether #ChallahBake #ShabbosProject #HavdallahConcert #alexclare #zusha #nissim

Thanx for the #share and the #struggle, on my way to #inspires tonight in Jerusalem, Israel , give us a call if you want to meet up umuse613@gmail.com 0533175856 otherwise will 1st go to the RAP near ben yehudah

Thinking of phoning up again next week tuesday 6pm, or american time 12pm where there is a live stream, as I have some clarity but need more forMidnightrabbi inspires #inspired to really go ahead!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3VHjOuMa4A&list=UUkmDTaRtR0FMx2FHeL76X2g&index=1 <-

For your part email umuse613@gmail.com students are already wanting this to go ahead b’H

Mazel tov and bracha for the great project lakavod shabbos and bringing out the truth even more publically of amech kolam tzaddikim. ( We are all good as a nation truly)
Please give me the merit to be representative of your great work in the holy land. Amongst our network of chizzuk…

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Radio Therapy host Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger wants the midnightrabbi inspires back helping the youth and on the streets this year, do you?

We can only go ahead with our spouses support 😀 Midnightrabbi is back and excited to meet, greet and please G-d get paid treats!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

b’H Thank G-d was just on the radio on a 5000 plus listening show and watch from 50 mins and look how he plugs the midnightrabbi #inspires project for 10-15 mins with weekly follow up and how to make this work financially email me your ideas and thanks and lets grow together, BIG thanks to #THERAPIST rabbi MORDECHAI WEINBERGER, and Chag Somayach 😀 Let our youth and parents be truly happy and grow email umuse613@gmail.com!

Midnightrabbi Inspired in J-town, #Wakeup! Going back on the street tonight 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRPxOOntLVk email umuse613@gmail.com

Enjoy and be apart of this 😀 welcome your comments , one email “Hi, I heard you on Mordechai Weinbergers show. You sound like such a loving and caring person. I checked out your stuff online and just want to wish you siyatta dishmaya on your work…

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Chassidus helps our relationships be inspired!

Tolna Rebbe Sukkus 5774 in the new Shul and Sukkah, B’H, Jerusalem!<- Last years chizzuk !!!

Kol Tuv, friom R’ Tal Moshe Zwecker, Director Machon Be’er Mayim Chaim Publishing
#CheckoutChassidic #Classics in the English Language
www.chassidusonline.com chassidusonline@gmail.com
join the mailing list here: http://groups.google.com/group/beermayimchaim
ebook http://www.jewish-e-books.com/jewish-e-books-2/spirituality-jewish-e-books/mipeninei-noam-elimelech.html
Lets really change! Busy looking for fresh pastures and new inspirations, BUT missing u bros and fros as im not on £facebook so much at all, so hit me up $gmail at umuse613@gmail.com

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Highlights from the High Holy days of Tishrei! :) new year too!

Important to back track and see where life was a few years ago and see the growth and developments 😀 Make the family and loved ones HAPPY 😀 enjoy!
Missing all my crew, and have loads of good past chizzuk and #inspiration https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sukkot+midnightrabbi <- email to meet up umuse613@gmail.com and live #inspired especially Sukkot 5775!

Focus on the good in the Sukkot with song!

midnightrabbi inspires!

Tolna Rebbe Sukkus 5774 in the new Shul and Sukkah, B’H, Jerusalem!<- Last years chizzuk !!!

Hope all fasted well and enjoyed being off facebook.
Going to buy my ‪#‎Lulav‬ and ‪#‎Esrog‬ , the Sukka Decorating for the elderly is B’H almost ready and then there’s inviting the guest, what special guests every year and this year  Midnightrabbi inspires keep in contact or come dance in Jerusalem, Israel email umuse613@gmail.com 

Come meet #inspirational people this #sukkot in the holy land  email umuse613@gmail.com! 

Missing all my crew, and have loads of good past chizzuk and #inspirationhttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sukkot+midnightrabbi <- email to meet up umuse613@gmail.com and live #inspired especially Sukkot 5775!

rebbe claps

via Highlights from the High Holy days of Tishrei! 🙂 new year too!.<-

Please contribute your blog and advice while share and liking will be apprecitaed – from  Midnightrabbi inspires

Don’t be a chicken! 🙂


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Appreciation and the Gratitude – The Hakaras Hatov Initiative is a platform for revolutionary change in relationship dynamics.


The Hakaras Hatov Initiative is using a multi-pronged approach to facilitate the shifting of one’s focus towards the good.

Let There Be RainA book of stories, ideas and insights on gratitude, arranged for daily inspiration, has been coauthored by Rabbi’s Shimon Finkelman and Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein. Each an icon in their respective fields, the collaboration generated a sefer that is destined to transform lives for years to come. The book proudly joins the catalogue of the premier international Jewish publishing house, Artscroll-Mesorah. Let There Be Rain is an invaluable resource for character and relationship development.

Shift the focus.
Join the movement. (see below for more info)
Journaling was the brainchild behind the entire Hakaras Hatov Initiative. Rabbi Wallerstein learned a midrash rabba that pointed to Achashverosh’s practice of chronicling daily events. The infamous King of Persia would record who did ‘good by him’ and would assiduously make sure to reward and reciprocate in kind. The impact of this lesson evolved into the majestic creation of a 16 month calendar with diary pages for entries on reflections of daily gratitude. This artistic masterpiece, a Yonah Weinrib commission, is a gift item containing kriyas shema al hamita, the bedtime prayer. The Sefer Hazichronos, The Book of Remembrances is a powerful tool to continuously boost happiness and have long term impacts of gratitude and optimism on the writer and all of his or her relationships.
Let There Be RainIn the information and technology age, a free and user friendly App is likely to be used often. Therefore, The Gratitude Apptitude is in the stages of development. Its purpose is to enable the user to log, share and post an entry on appreciation efficiently. A technology medium for recording and expressing gratitude on impulse will catapult the occasional action into a habit.
Reap the benefits. The Gratitude APPtitude Mobile App
Book of Remembrances
JournalJournal Book

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, dynamic speaker and educator, has collaborated with renowned Judaica artist and author Rabbi Yonah Weinrib to create Sefer HaZichronos, The Book of Remembrances. Reminiscent of King Achashverosh’s personal journal to record kindnesses that were shown to him, Sefer HaZichronos will be YOUR personal daily diary and journal to chronicle—forever—- your expressions of Hakaras Hatov to those who have extended themselves to you.

Each day you can record your hakaras hatov… to Hashem…to a spouse..to parents..siblings..teachers..friends..strangers…You will reinforce your appreciation to others, and you can look back at the end of the year, and see how much others have helped you.. and how much YOU have changed because of it. A handsome full color, beautifully designed 7×10 journal, with regal artistic imagery by Rabbi Weinrib, and thoughts about hakaras hatov,will invite you daily to add your messages of thanks. It’s a perfect gift for your spouse, your child…your parent..and yourself ! Recognize the good in others, record it daily, and become a better person for life.

Hakaras Hatov Initiative is in assoication with Ohr Naava  © 2014 Ohr Naava