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The key to successful relationship is the strength to focus on the good even when it seems covered up!

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ואפילו בהסתרה – יוסף קרדונר:–TtPAhA The best version from in my humble opinion the best musician of #jewishmusic #inspired yosef karduner 😀 2015/5775

#sports and #exercise is a healthy #inspiration , proud of my amazing wife, as we continue on helping souls at Retorno, will be back on the streets after the downpour of rain inspired
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Midnightrabbi inspires's photo.
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Family weekend in the holy land together, even uncle paul is here! Miss the people who couldn’t come and only good news and nachus all!

Details of terror attack in Har Nof from Rebbetzin Heller. She asked that we post <-the real #truth wherever we can!

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Good to see where you were a year ago, and build inspired even more this new year!

Our good relationships will help , only simchas and time to sober up and face our real issues! Dear friends,
Yesterday at about 7am my daughter Miri called. “Mordechai just came home from shul. He said that Arabs came in and are shooting, and that a man with an axe is hitting everyone. Some of the people threw chairs at them, but it didn’t help”. The twelve year old had hit the floor along with everyone else when the bullets began to fly. He was fully aware of what was going on, and what it meant. He somehow found the courage to let go of his father’s hand, crawl towards the exit and break into a run. Some of you know Miri and her family. She has had some of you over for Shabbos and holidays, and others sleeping in one of her kid’s bedrooms when the crowd at my house gets too big to accommodate sanely. Mordechai is blonde, freckled, and a soft spoken somewhat introverted and studious boy, much like his father, Shmuli. He is not Huck Finn, and the courage he found at those moments were a gift straight from G-d. By the time he finished telling Miri what happened, sirens from Hatzalah ambulances, police cars, and Magen David could be heard telling her that there were casualties. “Where’s Shmuli” was the thought that entered her mind again and again as the seconds which felt like hours began to tick. She called me and said, “Say Tehillim. There is shooting in Bnei Torah”. I began to say the ancient prayers, stopped myself and called Rabbi Weidan, and told him what was happening. I then began the Tehillim again, knocked on my neighbor’s door and told her to do the same. Chani called and told me to look at the news to see what was really happening. Nothing was reported as yet. Of course not. It was only 7:10.
I realized that the whether or not the attack was over, that no one as yet knew whether the murderers escaped. I called again, asking that everything be done to see that no one leaves the campus, and then called Miri. Thank G-d she had the sense to stay indoors and not run to the besieged synagogue. When Mordechai came home, the shooting was still happening. By 7:20 we both realized that if she didn’t hear from Shmuli, something was very wrong. The police and other services had no information as yet to give to the public, but a family friend who had seen the terror with his own eyes, said that Shmuli had been taken to Haddassah EIn Karem. When Mordechai let go of his hand, he instinctively ran after the child placing himself in the sight of the terrorists. One of them attacked him with his axe, hitting him on the left side of his head, his back and his arm. Somehow he made it to the door. Josh White, a student of Machon Shlomo was riding down Agassi on his bike. He noticed what he described later as “a lot of confusion” in front of Bnei Torah asked someone what was going on, and surprisingly (for Har Nof) the man answered him in Hebrew! In the midst of what to him was gibberish, he picked up the word Aravim (Arabs) and immediately grasped what was happening. He approached the shul and saw Shmuli who was still aware. The Machon student took of his shirt and stopped the bleeding, a move which may have saved Shmuli’s life. The shooting was still happening inside. It was about 7:15! The emergency crew drew back, but because SHmuli was already outside, they evacuated him thus making him the first of the wounded to be taken to Hadassah, another factor in his survival. Before collapsing, he asked where Mordechai was, and when he was told that the boy ran away from the carnage, he said, “Baruch Hashem”. Inside, the terrorists were continuing their “work”. When they entered they turned to their left, and immediately cut down Rabbi Twerski and Rav Kalman Levine who were standing in the corner. Reb Kalman was the husband of Chaya, formally Markowitz who was a student and later a madrichah at Neve. Her husband was not a regular attendee of Bnei Torah. He would generally daven in the earliest possible minyan so he could get in a couple of hours of learning before beginning his day. Yesterday he had a question about something he had learned and had gone after davening to Bnei Torah to put the question to its erudite rav, Rabbi Rubin. The question will now only be resolved in the Heavenly Acadamy. Rev Avraham Goldberg, the third man to be killed is Breina Goldberg’s husband. Many of you know Breina as the warm caring efficient secretary cum mother figure at the front desk in the afternoon. I don’t as yet know how her husband, or Reb Kupinski the fourth victim met their deaths. The only thing that I know, is that it was brutal and swift. The first policemen to enter were traffic cops who knew what they were facing, and also knew that they were not wearing protective gear. They entered anyway and together with the forces that came afterwards ended the bloodbath. By 7:30 the murderers were apprehended.
Miri, my daughter Guli, and her husband were in Hadassah. Miri’s other kids were watched by relatives and friends for the day. Mordechai was urged to speak about what he saw again and again in order to diminish the damage of the trauma he had undergone. The rest of the family flowed in, saying Tehillim and waiting for updates. The hospital social worker, Aviva, who is blessed with the rare gift of being empathic without being overbearing, and the women of Ezer Mitzion (a volunteer organization) kept us well supplied with food, calming conversation and practical advice. We were allowed to see Shmuli who was put under anesthesia. We don’t know if he heard us or not, but we were talking to him stressing that Mordechai was fine. In the hours before the surgery was done, we found ourselves with Risa Rotman. Her husband, Chaim Yechiel ben Malka, was also attacked, and the extent of his wounds are very serious. Some of you may know Risa (who if I am not mistaken also is an OBG) and those of you whose husbands learned in Ohr Sameach or who recall Reb Meir Shuster who he helped unstintingly for years, may know him as Howie. The policeman who entered first, passed away. May Hashem avenge his blood.
Every day in Eretz Yisrael is a gift and a miracle. I have no pretensions of knowing Hashem’s will, but I do know that everything He does is purposeful, and that His compassion that is often hidden from the human eye. Anyone who values human life and reality and the eternal nature of the soul is appalled by the idea of people entering a synagogue and killing people who they never met randomly.
Except for CNN. They reported the entire event as an attack on a mosque.
Except for BBC. They reported that the Israeli police killed two Palestinians (they meant the murderers). The victims of Israeli brutality presumably were going on a stroll through scenic Har Nof when attacked by the racist troops….
Please post the truth to whomever you can reach.
Please please continue saying Tehillim for Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila and the other victims. Daven that Hashem give strength to the five new widows and 24 new orphans. Most of all thank Hashem that we are not Them, and treasure Hashem’s Torah and His Land.
Love always,
Click on and share as lets make a positive difference together! Only good news, please share your thoughts and prayers on the difficult times we are in, to me its beyond words! Hashem Yerachem, have Mercy!

midnightrabbi inspires!

Some old and new classes ‪#‎inspired‬ Inspired in times of danger in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh!

DSC05380Check out this #hanukkah how the Midnightrabbi found his soul mate <- 😀 and share this with the boys from #ashreinu 😀 My modeling days 😀 is in the pic! B’H.

The 5th night of #hanukkah 😀 lights us all UP, welcomed #ashreinu to a #partei 😀  Here is today’s classes and some footage of the 1st night with YOSEF KARDUNER 😀 and the crew, #lightinguptheworld midnighrabbi style! <-> <-

Teach children the basic pleasures, which are not only readily available to all but are also the only really important pleasures. Happiness is the sum total of many details, and therefore those who learn to rejoice in more details of life will have much more cause for…

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The Midnightrabbi story in “finding ones soul mate”, listen carefully :D

Some old and new relationship classes ‪#‎inspired‬ . Inspired in times of danger in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh!

Avraham our Father’s and Yitzchak his son’s light and true high to be a self inspirational man forever

midnightrabbi inspires!

DSC05380Check out this #hanukkah how the Midnightrabbi found his soul mate <- 😀 and share this with the boys from #ashreinu 😀 My modeling days 😀 is in the pic! B’H.

The 5th night of #hanukkah 😀 lights us all UP, welcomed #ashreinu to a #partei 😀  Here is today’s classes and some footage of the 1st night with YOSEF KARDUNER 😀 and the crew, #lightinguptheworld midnighrabbi style! <-> <-

Teach children the basic pleasures, which are not only readily available to all but are also the only really important pleasures. Happiness is the sum total of many details, and therefore those who learn to rejoice in more details of life will have much more cause for happiness. (Career of Happiness)

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The Effective Relationship / Shidduch (finding a life partner) Guide in short 5 point form!

loveWow so our Husband left you above with a burning question, so all let’s recap again.  “What about Wifey’s? Do they never make mistakes? Are we to consider them perfect and is all the hard work on us Husbands?” The answer is simply “Yes” Wifey’s mistakes is simply marrying our Husband. Not that they weren’t meant to be, like people use Beshert/Destined, once Husband and Wifey is married, there is no going back. For sure this is going to require a whole chapter if not book in its self, to clarify Wifey’s mistake. And you are all welcome right now to provide the means to go ahead and clarify this point. But for now my close friend of our Husband is pointing us at a more pressing ?.

shabbat shabbosBefore Husband and Wifey there are our single/half souls = Young men and Young women. And  our good friend wanted to know five simple points how to get married and find the Shidduch/Wifey/Life partner without too much delay. It’s not that the Guide and friends is rushing you, and it will all develop together in the right time with prayer and dedicated effort. For sure we all await that special moment of clarity with our chosen soul mate. Like Rebbe Nachman draws a comparison to the breaking of a glass at the wedding agreement, where there is a spark of clarity that only the final union will clarify. It’s like a flash in the world of dark night wondering through time and for a moment glimpsing at the correct path eternally chosen. And then gone we resume the hidden element of two souls yearning to find each other and become one with all its awesome shine and brilliance.

Therefore, let’s in short begin these five points which with G-d’s help, were chosen with a moment of divine Midnight rabbi inspiration and <- which in the right time will gain more clarification and explanation.

1.The big Guide of souls,

2.Sincere prayer,

3.The big Choice,

4. To know yourself and soul to find your soul mate.

5. Happiness/Simcha 🙂

Enjoyed the funny video above <-click here for more, and now lets get serious!

The first point is the big Guide of souls and matches!chupah1.The meeting of two souls requires a lot of Divine inspiration of being in the right place at the right time with the right family and friends. However, the most important clarity is needed for these two souls to really feel right for each other. See in a prev. chapter where we already gave an example how this was so for our Husband and Wifey to meet each other and go on the divinely inspired journey to become engaged and married all with the Hand of

G-d/ Hashem obvious to all involved that this was meant to be!

For sure this all has a requisite to some belief that there is G-d, interested in forming relationships especially between Wifey and Husband where this Divine force doesn’t cease to bring about this important Ultimate Union.

2. The importance of prayer and really from the depths of the heart wanting to form this Union with Husband and Wifey. This includes praying for our friends Shidduchim/life’s partner quest to be successful, helping set these dates up in a positive context, without distractions to what both their goals is. Once a person sees a few times how his/her prayers are answered it becomes a part of the resolve to pray before every stage of the relationship building process. This trains a person to face him/herself honestly to focus his/her goals of union to fruition. And most importantly as we mention in point 1 to have the reality of Divine awareness of the much needed providence to smooth out the differences that are so intrinsic to our Husband’s manhood and our Wifey’s womanhood.

shidduch is never too late3. This guiding point really is the culmination of the first 2 points that manifests in the people you choose to be friends with. The Career/Job plan you choose in life. The many choices that fill our life to all are guided towards a positive goal of responsibility and mutual relationships. Giving time to others and focusing on building with people that appreciate the intrinsic you. For sure many people are making Shidduchim/Life partners young or with guidance from parents, Rabbonim, Guides and family and friends. Many people rely on the Shudchan/Match maker and the choice of whom and where to listen to, needs in itself much choice on the side of a thinking young man and young woman.  As in the end the choice is the most important choice a person can make in this world to who their Shidduch/Life partner is and this must be truly their own serious choice.

4.  The ability to know yourself, who is this Husband honestly what do I want from myself and my Wifey. This fourth crucial guiding point brings us to the Soul mate reality. To bring out the oneness of these two souls, both partners need to know which part of the soul they are and who will complete these two souls to become one. This takes an incredible amount of self-knowledge and honesty which is the perfect foundation to build our Husband and Wifey’s marriage on. There is much to say about true self knowledge and how to obtain this, for sure learning spiritual books/ Sefarim of Truth bring that out.  For example, the recent translation of highly recommended author Bilvavi Mishkan Evnah, “To know yourself” and “To know your home, family, and children”. However, the bottom line is honest self-evaluation and hard inner work brings out self-knowledge that we can all do whether we learn Torah a little or a lot!

5. Simcha 🙂 is the fifth and final guiding point for now. This is the key to everything our Husband and Wifey need for a happy home. To go ahead with calm and happy spirit will bring much more success than pressure and not happy goals. A person to be happy needs to be reminded what is this all for? Why we want real relationships and what’s the truth and point of all our efforts? To keep the picture larger in our minds, that this is part of an eternal mission, and happiness with positivity is our goal. Therefore, each stage of searching for our soul mate needs to be done with Simcha/Happiness and positive thinking, speech and deeds until we are all blessed with Husband, happy Wifey!

See some extra sources found on line Beshert = pre-destined, soulmate (Zivug Rishon in Talmudic and Kabbalistic Literature) 
Forty days before the formation of an embryo, a Heavenly voice proclaims: The daughter of this one is destined to marry this one. Sanhedrin 22a 
When Hashem first created man, He created Adam and Chavah together as one, and then He separated them. The RASHBA (TESHUVOS HA’RASHBA 1:60) explains that Hashem first created man and woman together and then separated them, so that they would later be able to come together and be joined and feel like a single unit. Perhaps it is for this reason that before the man is born a Bas Kol (Divine Voice) announces who his Zivug (partner) will be — this shows that they both come from the same spiritual root, and that the woman that he eventually marries will be part of his own Neshamah (soul). It would be impossible to bond their souls together in such a way after they are created, and therefore Hashem bonds them together before they are created in order for them to be able to bond together strongly. (If one of them is a Tzadik and the other is a Rasha, then one can influence the other to improve since they are bonded together so strongly.) 
–Talmud, Sota 2 (adapted from  Kollel Iyun Hadaf of Har Nof)

A zivug is a life partner. In modern Hebrew today ben or bat zug is the politically correct term for ones significant other, equivalent to partner in English.

The word has some surprising connections to contemporary English via a common Greek root. Zivug comes from the Greek zogen, meaning to join and zeugen, a pair. This comes from the same source as zygote, which, means a complex cell generated by the reproduction of two gametes. According to the invaluable Jewish-words blog balashon, these derive from the Indo-European root yeug, meaning to join, from which we have the words conjugal, jugular, yoke and even yoga, which means union.

The etymology tells us that a zivug is not just a life partner. It also has the sense of being the right life partner. 

Quote from Esther Roth

“When you are finding your perfect partner or soul mate you don’t carry a list and keep clicking off items like on a shopping list. When you actually meet your soulmate you will be completely mesmerized and you will forget the qualities you thought you were looking for. Meeting your soulmate is magical and always happens at the right time because it is a story written by G-D.
No matter which part of the world you both may be, there comes a time when your destiny brings you together and unites you in a timeless bond” and live up to this advice = PRAY!

Either way wishing you much success from the Guide to Husband, happy Wifey!

Red Onions, Red Soup, Red Juice and Red Pomegranate.

By Eliezer Goldsmith New website <- Please share and send any pics and testimonials friends!

loveSo let’s grow together and get it straight don’t get our husband to shop or do anything really for Wifey to be truly happy. For sure shopping stories are a plenty but 3 times 3 = 9, and 9 isn’t a lucky number which rhymes with nein (the word is from Yiddish meaning no).

Our Husband didn’t know how to say no, but he did know how to mess up the shopping. It’s was on one of those Erev (pre-game to) Shabbos, (by now after the Shabbos Project, the honour of Shabbos and its name has somewhat been restored so you don’t need me to define this as the Sabbath). The business of this day and preparation of a day which some call Friday (Fri is the opposite of frum) and some call Sabbath mistakenly, is all about buying, cleaning running and making way for the Shabbos Hamalakah ( the Queen not of England, but Queen of time). The top product on our Husbands list is Onions for the magic Jewsih medicine, well known and beloved as Chicken soup. Our Husband is walking happily after an uplifting morning Tefillah (prayer service known as Shacharis) at a special Shul wanders into the nearby Bucharim Shuk (famous old scool market). Turning to the Onion stand he reaches out to what looks like the regular kind of Onion. Excitedly our Husbands makes his way home proud of his completed list and enters into his small Jerusalem apartment. Wifey is preparing for the team of guests expected for Shabbos, while the kids and babies making a mess. She stares at the Red Onions and groans at his proud prize. Not again, you don’t love me cries inside while outwardly she shows her angry side grabbing the Red Onions, chopping and throwing them into a pot waiting cooking on the stove. Our Husbands backs off as Wifey begins her tirade of “you never get this right”, “how many times are you going to get it wrong”, “why do I even ask you?” Anyhow, our Husbands sulks away defeated and deflated back to his pre-game Erev Shabbos. The real part of the story and the Red Onions which our Husband claims only will flavour the soup just like regular onions, is brought out to the hungry Shabbos guests. Bright red precious chicken soup isn’t looking so attractive anymore and the taste is even funkier. Wifey is not looking pleased, but this is just the beginning of our Husband reddening for Shabbos!

So our next story isn’t a repeat of the previous Red Soup wonder, rather a slight detour to the infamous Knedalach. Many of the old scool food names, ended off with the ending lach e.g. Kreplach, Bagelach, Kugelach etc… In Hebrew, Lach means “to you”. This sums up the old world view of giving and selflessness that summed up so beautifully the previous generations. Our generations prefers the more selfish terminology of e.g. Bisli, Meusli, Bambi etc… The new school food names ended off with “Li”, symbolic of “to me”. Nevertheless our Husband wants to keep the traditions of giving from his forefathers, and after selfishly; we mean selflessly inviting many guests weekly as our Wifey slaves away the real work of kindness. Our Husband once again offers to do some pre-game shopping buying Kenedalach for our once upon a time ago Red soup. Everyone knows that Kenedalach is the finishing touch of hopefully this Shabbos night’s Golden brown surprise. Hungrily our Husband returns from Shul with his excited guests. Shabbos Licht and shiny happy children add to the Shabbos spirit. As Kiddush begins after soulfully sung songs, with Wifey even more hungrily and tiredly waiting already for the meal to begin. Our Husband after Challos and fish with salad, excitedly explains to the anticipating guests the golden balls that are floating their way towards our seats will really bring out the Shabbos spirit in us all. The first guest begins and blanches, something is wrong. The second guest follows suit and he tries to hide his discomfort. Wifey begins to glare at our Husband, what is wrong this time? Our Husband bluffs his way after polishing of the soup, “delicious as always”. Wifey, the guests and our children all move onto the next course. Our Husband laughingly says “the food comes out according to the guests”, Wifey and the guests are not amused. A neighbour who also borrowed the Kendalach ingredients from them complains the next day that the Kendalach are off, Wifey has her proof and our Husband face is brighter than the Red soup.

Red Juice is not a cocktail or some sort of new-fangled energy drink. Rather an expression of our Husband stress release and let’s hopes after this inspiring story a press release. Our Husband becoming a pro in the kitchen has gone into the Bottey making business. Really bringing us to rethink his dedication to Wifey is for real or not. The truth is our Husband has learnt an important rule after all these years of heart ache. The real focus is on emotional help and care to Wifey. Not just at being proficient in making babies drinks with our Red Juice. Careful sensitive words with healthy validation are what Wifey beckons and deserves. Our Husbands really tries to be there not just as a physical support, spiritual light, but even more difficultly for him, an emotional sensitive flow. Obviously life can affect us, squeeze us from any peace of mind. Financial real needs are tested daily with literal challenges that bring our Husband to thank at least we can afford the Red Juice and filtered water to go along with it thank G-d. But what our Husband did not imagine was the stress factor was so great that the juice bottle of Red Juice was wobbling and shaking him out all over his clothes, kitchen service and in the vegetable rack. “Wifey stop checking your emails not and help me” our soft spoken Husband screams. Covered in Red Juice our Husband looks like he’s covered in blood screaming, our Wifey doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. And as usual Wifey cleans up the mess, the kids open mouth gape onwards to the next precious treat.

IMG_20141104_131556Our Man-made Red pomegranate inspires joy for families and any lucky visitors to our Husband and Wifey’s entrance of town. It’s a giant model Red pomegranate, used to decorate the entrance and is often found with families posing on top of and around for the holiday pictures, it’s been used in advertisements and lifted up the spirit of the town. The theme of the town is the 7 species of the holy land. The goal is to appreciate the special blessings hidden and revealed in the holy land, and our 7 special species are once again with the speedy return of the exile symbolic of the wealth and happiness inherent in Israel. The pomegranate is the last of the 7 species and represents according to some opinions the spiritual aspect of Kingship. Our Husband always saw himself as the King of the home. However, the real key is to bring out the Queen of the relationship in Wifey. Our Husband is obligated to honour her more than himself. The main key of the relationship is the emotional level. Our Red Pomegranate if you ever noticed has a crown at its top proving its King/Queen ship. The crown along side its many rich red seeds within represents a real key of focusing on the good. Every person is filled with good even if sometimes it seems as if the person is on a lower level on the outside. Our Husband and Wifey’s online therapist Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger LCSW does deal with this challenge of low self-esteem and emotional self-worth! However, not only is our Husband’s Rabbonim, teachers, family and friends encouraging to our Husband’s unique role in Creation, but after all said and done our Wifey is our Husbands biggest supporter. Investing all her time and dedication to build herself and our Husband into to the best person possible, even if the crown seems to have a few holes in it sometimes. This is the revitalising taste of a fresh Red pomegranate, giving over perfect satchels of inspiration and a tasteful happy Husband and Wifey life together. Just watch out for the shprizting when cutting our red treat up, and this will remain a confidential story of true love.