The Midnightrabbi story in “finding ones soul mate”, listen carefully :D

Some old and new relationship classes ‪#‎inspired‬ . Inspired in times of danger in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh!

Avraham our Father’s and Yitzchak his son’s light and true high to be a self inspirational man forever

midnightrabbi inspires!

DSC05380Check out this #hanukkah how the Midnightrabbi found his soul mate <- 😀 and share this with the boys from #ashreinu 😀 My modeling days 😀 is in the pic! B’H.

The 5th night of #hanukkah 😀 lights us all UP, welcomed #ashreinu to a #partei 😀  Here is today’s classes and some footage of the 1st night with YOSEF KARDUNER 😀 and the crew, #lightinguptheworld midnighrabbi style! <-> <-

Teach children the basic pleasures, which are not only readily available to all but are also the only really important pleasures. Happiness is the sum total of many details, and therefore those who learn to rejoice in more details of life will have much more cause for happiness. (Career of Happiness)

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