The Darkness get thicker this time of year, but the light and warmth is not far away!

Proud to say that #balance is the key to successful #relationships, and going back to the gym is part of that, the other pressing issue is to get back on the streets for needs some focus! #BeInspired and inspire your Wifey!

midnightrabbi inspires!

Good week all, and may we all share good news and happiness, ‪#‎keepwarm‬and ‪#‎inspired‬

#Hanukkah light continues on…/the-after-hanukkah-1
The After #Hanukkah midnightrabbi blues, with Chanah and her 7 sons, the light lives on!
Please click on our new website. A good friend is someone who is kind and honest. Rabbi Weinberger LCSW and Rav Nissim really in a true tough way gave (45min mark) the energy to go ahead and begin again. Thank you. Real inspired blog email here!   Your recommendation! To tour with the midnightrabbi Eli Goldsmith
Listen to The After #Hanukkah midnightrabbi blues, with Chanah and her 7 sons, the light lives on! by midnightrabbimakecoldwarm #np on…

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8th Night of Chanukah Twitter tastic!

Relationship with song is the sincere key to lasting love #happyholidays #happyholydays Tolna Rebbe “Yechiel Michal Zlotchov nigun” with Violinist Moshe Shulgi hanukkah in New Tish hall!

midnightrabbi inspires!

last night . Make a real change and , will be in BS& Jerusalem Burning the wicks is


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Chanukah inspirations 5775 to warm and light up the whole year where ever we go!

Real #Relationships shine brightest when its hidden from the eyes of the world !

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Inspirations for Everyday! Click here for Today’s!

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Find your soul mate and and becoming one, 2nd night Hanukkah!


Check out this #hanukkah how the Midnightrabbi found his soul mate <- 😀 and shared this with the boys from #ashreinu 😀

#Midnightrabbi Jam the 5th night of #Hanukkah partei for Ashreinu “don’t worry be #inspired” ->  BIG CLIMAX TO @CHANUKAH TO COME 😉

fROM THE 1ST NIGHT TO YOSEF KARDUNER to 5th with the Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School lol “#ASHREINU” boys , miss the crew this year 😀

to the #8THNIGHTCHANUKAH our Rebbe, Unity and #moshiach already now!

Teach children the basic pleasures, which are not only readily available to all but are also the only really important pleasures. Happiness is the sum total of many details, and therefore those who learn to rejoice in more details of life will have much more cause for happiness. (Career of Happiness)

Share this on please: beginning Today yearly cycle of LESSONS IN TANYA: Yud Tet 19 Kislev!

Relationships is about sharing and learning together 😀

midnightrabbi inspires!

Hi friends lchaim bracha

Hope all are well
Today is good day literally to begin learning tanya and sign up to this free email daily that provides. Any insights you have during this new year of learning please email and we can michazik here once a week or so. And together we will have nachus and simcha. Mazel tov for those who finished the holy tanya . We begin my tenth cycle bH today. Anyhow its time to make a revolution in everything especially education and music with pinymius balanced healthy torah being the key. I have a long list of people who are all tzadikim who will inspire and make change. Let’s join together and pray for all our success. This is using the interent the right way. And the alter rebbe and chabad deserves our thanks whether we are chabad or not, for leading the way…

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The Message of the saving our children with Dreidels and Chanah’s 7 sons.

#Truth is the key to real relationships Really #inspired shabbos greeting all, lets hear some good news and rejoice!

Don’t trust everyone whose powerful or famous especially #facebook and it’s owner, see below!

The 2 examples of special people i respect and watched (the two videos below) thanks to your email, but i find them both very confused individuals on a deep spiritual level, and will pray for the redeeming of their souls, especially mark who could and please G-d will do Return very soon in our days along with billions of facebook users, Hashem yerachem. Every Jewish soul is filled with potential, we just have to make sure we have true Truth as our guide!

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“Hi Midnight Rabbi;
We see Yaakov battle all night with the angel representing his brother.
Yaakov achieves his potential, and makes peace with his brother.

The Jewish people need to find an inspiring vision to achieve their potential,
and to make peace with each other.

I want to share with you 2 videos about 2 Jews who battled to fulfill their potential.

Mark Zuckerberg –
Albert Einstein –

midnightrabbi inspires!

The Pre-After #Hanukkah midnightrabbi blues <-click here to listen, with Chanah and her 7 sons and Talmud inspired<-

The Message of the Dreidel and Doobie Dreidel
History travels, seemingly aimlessly. Generations come and go. As a wide circle, history repeats itself. Is there an objective? Is the world aiming toward a goal?
On Chanukah we turn the dreidel. The Nun, Gimel, Heh and Shin engraved on the dreidel come and go as it spins. The dreidel seems to be spinning aimlessly. However, the Bnei Yissaschar points out that Nun, Gimel, Heh and Shin are gematria Mashiach (they both equal 358).
It’s true; world history – as symbolized by the dreidel – seems to be spinning aimlessly. However, there is a center point around which it all turns – the world’s…

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Yonatan Razel – Katonti – To heal we have to be humble! View and Share!

With ‪#‎humility‬ and truth (‪#‎honesty‬), this is the key to true relationships. Yaakov our forefather, managed to bring up a special family that would survive all of history #inspired, and he even knew how to handle four wifey’s!

midnightrabbi inspires!

New website , share and care
New projects to #inspire on the way to #hanukkah!
Real Inspiration from one of the greatest Jewish musicians,@yonatan razel !
With #humility and truth (#honesty), this is the key to healing at Retorno where I counsel these days, and the key to our holy people and soul!
Yosef Karduner is the best jewish guitarist and singer, as its truly sincere 😀 will miss you this chanukah 😀
ואפילו בהסתרה – יוסף קרדונר:–TtPAhA The best version from in my humble opinion the best musician of #jewishmusic #inspired yosef karduner 😀2015/5775

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