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Relationships is about sharing and learning together 😀

midnightrabbi inspires!

Hi friends lchaim bracha

Hope all are well
Today is good day literally to begin learning tanya and sign up to this free email daily that provides. Any insights you have during this new year of learning please email and we can michazik here once a week or so. And together we will have nachus and simcha. Mazel tov for those who finished the holy tanya . We begin my tenth cycle bH today. Anyhow its time to make a revolution in everything especially education and music with pinymius balanced healthy torah being the key. I have a long list of people who are all tzadikim who will inspire and make change. Let’s join together and pray for all our success. This is using the interent the right way. And the alter rebbe and chabad deserves our thanks whether we are chabad or not, for leading the way…

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