Find your soul mate and and becoming one, 2nd night Hanukkah!


Check out this #hanukkah how the Midnightrabbi found his soul mate <- 😀 and shared this with the boys from #ashreinu 😀

#Midnightrabbi Jam the 5th night of #Hanukkah partei for Ashreinu “don’t worry be #inspired” ->  BIG CLIMAX TO @CHANUKAH TO COME 😉

fROM THE 1ST NIGHT TO YOSEF KARDUNER to 5th with the Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School lol “#ASHREINU” boys , miss the crew this year 😀

to the #8THNIGHTCHANUKAH our Rebbe, Unity and #moshiach already now!

Teach children the basic pleasures, which are not only readily available to all but are also the only really important pleasures. Happiness is the sum total of many details, and therefore those who learn to rejoice in more details of life will have much more cause for happiness. (Career of Happiness)


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