Tolna Rebbe, Tu B’shvat 5775, new fruit filled Shul in Jerusalem, Living inspired!

Fruits and Valentines goes well together 😀 #inspired #relationships.

Midnightrabbi Inspires

 The Tolna Rebbeh inspires us to Go Ahead and smile! genius!

#FruitsfirstTu B’Shevat new projects coming soon, as is the new fruits of the first tastes of spring!!!


Here’s good news from the Tolna Rebbe <- click here for more pics and vids! The Tolna Rebbe officially opened his new Shul this Chanukah (<- click here for main blog) which still needs some help with the final payments, email if you can help.  This is all in the Merit of Dovid of Tolna the original Tolna Rebbe whose Yahrzeit is Netsach Sheb’Netsach, may His merit protect and bless us ! Please give us the merit to complete a Shul that will be a light unto the nations.

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