Getting ready for Passover/Pesach 2015/5775

Looking for great tips for maintaining peace in the home before Pesach 5775 and Passover 2015 😀 Send to or comment below… “If a man or women carries his / her own lantern, he / her need not fear darkness.”
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midnightrabbi inspires!

via Getting ready for Passover/Pesach 2015/5775.

In less that two weeks will be the holiday of Pesach (Passover) “just trying to wake you up or scare you lol”, celebrating the Exodus from Egypt. Please see below all the laws (in comments) that you need to know in order to Prepare Your House for Pesach 5775 (Based on the Halachic Rulings of Rabbi Shlomo Gissinger Shlita, Rav in Lakewood NJ) and please be kind and donate. This is a time of giving money for the poor so they can buy wheat for Matzos etc… (continued below and email to help us now

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