Mindfulness is much deeper than we know!

Relationships takes real Mindfulness and dedication! Oprahs Lifeclass: “Holding on to the past” 5 sisters with 500 Grudges Part 2 – and moving on ! https://youtu.be/0Yd_4M1EqKM

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Mindfulness is a powerful tool and concept that is very popular. Our Mindfulness is with Emunah. We have Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge that forms our minds. However, our Emunah comes from a place above time, place and minds. We are coming from the level of 13th /8th beyond this world. The 13th Month unifies the Sun and Lunar calendar with a month of Joy Adar sheini / Purim. We have the Cohen Gadol with 8 garments, and Moshe Rabeinu’s dedication to nurture his people with love, which comes from beyond this world. This is all Emunah based!

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