The Easy way to true Connection & Recognition with #Emunah!

Being there with Mindfulness is powerful way to connect in all relationships, however, with a true understanding of how one we are all, then we can be there for each other with all our soul, …

midnightrabbi inspires!

Mindfulness is a powerful tool and concept that is very popular, however, here is a class to teach us something with much more foundation / fundamental truth. The time we are in, points for us all to find our G-dley soul. To rejoice in this oneness, and to increase our joy with this easy tip to Unification! All we have to do is say shema yisrael the mitzvah of reading the shema every day and night. This is our obligation to bring the oneness of this G-dley world into our daily life! This brings Mercy into the world, the purpose of Creation to Unify everything !!! This is all Emunah based!


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