Inspired way to count your days!

Pesach and Matzah really helps you work on getting rid of the ego in our relationships! #Inspired!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

We shall never give up, with #Emunah! #Enjoy Pesach and the Omer count!

Walking through the hills of Judah / Yehdah on the 1st day of Chol Hamoed. A special meeting is arranged during the festival of Pesach / Passover. To find the good within to never give up. To fight all the battles and conquer our biggest enemies. To fill the love of Hashem feel our hearts and life. The meal of Queen Esther was an example. The time of counting the Omer offering, with a little bit flour we were able to defeat our biggest hater of all time. Enjoy the gifts we have and live with Emunah inspired!

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Midnightrabbi inspires's photo.Every year making it to ‪#‎Pesach‬ brings us all ‪#‎inspired‬ joy as a real blessed family together grin…

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