Return with #Emunah, a small Tribute to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis zt’l

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The Balancing time – Return with #Emunah! #49
This a powerful time for real change! This is the end of the summer and the beginning of the new Jewish year! We have read the full Shema in the last 2 weeks and now we can see the journey ahead is filled with challenges and highs and lows! Elul is an opportune time to really return to our true selves and our Father our King. Emunah is alive and seeking us out, Personally, my whole life changed with my return to Eretz Yisrael 17 years ago. I entreat you to grow and seek out the path of balance. Learn our priorities, review them and talk with our soul. This is in the merit of and watch a special Tribute to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis zt’l –
I liked a @YouTube video יונתן רזאל // נווה תלאות יונתן רזאל…

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Love story is a comfort- True TuBav Inspiration!

Make your tefilos / prayers on this special day #TuBav meaningful and #inspire your soul mate!

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Wishing everyone a comforting special ‪#‎Shabbos‬!

Tu’bav tonight is my Engagement anniversary!

B’H a new ‪#‎Inspired‬ Quest show interview program coming soon,‪#‎Midnightrabbi‬ #inspired! Sponsoring Future SpecialEd – FS Education

 The Comfort of our people is that we are always One! Imagine over a decade ago just before the twin towers fell! 2 souls got engaged and erected 2 strong towers that become one and will never be d…

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Real Future of Special Education – FSE!

#Relationship with a cause and charity like our future #SpecialEd #inspired, need togetherness to really support this real need, from both sides of the couple unified to give! Please follow our Blog and Share and like our page –futurspecialed

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About FSE and about Eli Goldshmit to show your support!


Source: About Future of Special Education – FSE!

Thank you so much for showing interest in FSE our special children’s future together! I am very happy you are giving time to our wonderful programs under the growing global proud umbrella organization Future and (Special) Education – FSE. Our programs in the country of Israel are under the official banner of “The heart of kindness” “לב החינוך חסידי” for over 110 students.
Our Main first program “The Way of Learning”, has students beginning from year 1 (Aleph) classes and upwards, specially geared for personal professional and therapeutic connection with expert teachers. We are role models in our local region and are an example of success with special education.

IMG_0034“The Way of Learning” – WL includes various special pupils with learning disabilities, emotional disturbances and social, mental and A.S.D (Communication issues). Excitingly…

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