4 Foundations 2 Salvation / Mindfulness!

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Salvation to inner peace with #Emunah! 

This important time period prepares with the next 4 Parshiot during Elul to Rosh Hashanah for a new year 5777 to be filled with the cry from our depths for Salvation! The day of Judgement approaches as the end of the year, end of exile, end of history as we know it. There are 4 crucial points of transitions 1. Kingship, making a Melech over us, even having our souls in our minds ruling over our speech and actions. 2. Destroying Amalek = doubts. 3. Mikdash, rebuilding the 3rd Temple within and without. 4. Return of all the Jewish people to the holy land! These 4 realities come together on Rosh Hashanah with the cry from our depths as Mimamkim the Hebrew word, contains all 4 factors (first letter hints at all 4) to bringing the Messianic Era, The time for inner peace with #Emunah is…

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