Light up the dark moments of our lives!

Really enjoying Chanukah’s special time to have family first and #relationships strengthened with the #inspiration of #Hannukah this year!

Happy #Chanukah, Donate your Hannukah Gelt! Help change our Children’s Velt! Thanks again and give #kindly to this link is the best way to go!chanukah 1st night

midnightrabbi inspires!

Chanukah’s light and revolutionary leadership spirit is with #Emunah inspired!

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Midnightrabbi inspires Nice pics of the kids lighting …enjoy.
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Image may contain: 1 person, standingTime for us to lead an #inspired revolution. #Chanukah is our guiding light, a trip to family in London with love, then to the Baal Shem Tov and Rebbe, then to the Kedushas Levi and then onto the Baal Hatanya with @Rabbi YY Jacobson will be the connecting to our source of Truth. Our destination is our Family in the holy land. We will become strong leaders and empower other leaders to Unity, Moshiach and beyond.

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Chanukah lights up our children’s Future!

@midnightrabbi Read the article about you. Looks like you do great work. Chazak u’baruch! Just joined thanks to the show The Frum Entrepreneur, . Much success together @avizuber hi!
Enjoyed this #inspired #relationship guide on @TorahAnytime !! Thanks and Shalom Al Yisrael!Eli Goldsmith added,

The Shmuz @theshmuz
Thanks to everyone who joined us at the #Marriage Seminar last night in #Brooklyn!

midnightrabbi inspires!

A time to Shine in the dark! Dedicated to our Future and children, watch our new preview to our video coming soon! “Yesterday’s answer has nothing to do with todays problem.”

Keep growing,
Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW

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#Inspired with our children’s 100% test score success today! The #Dreidal is spinning and the light in our students eyes can be increased with your investment. Email – or donate with this email address! Thank you!

Happy Chanukah from us all!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Baal Teshuva, Music and Chanukah with Emunah for kindness!

Please watch Part 1,2, and 3!

Having the merit of being a Baal Teshuva and connected to so many similar souls. Says in Sefarim that the hechal / higher…

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