Unity of Relationships, Health & Fitness, Body & Soul! Dr John Sarno meets Impact Theory!

Here is the beginning of our #Unified #Relationshipguide! I’m building #Unity projects- #Health, #Fitness,& #Relationships! Dr. John Sarno meets Relationship Theory #inspires 1st entry here. The UnityInspiresProject added proudly the beginning of a soul mate solution! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxFdEIzl4pA

Unity Inspires

(Commenting on Relationship Theory post) Posting asMidnightrabbi inspires
“#Success must be felt #within before it can be seen on the outside.”
Keep growing, Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW
Welcome to Unity of Relationship, Unity of Health & Fitness (Body & Soul)! These excitingly will be two separate blogs and projects here!  However, for our first post, we shall see how they both are unified with each other! Especially, as Relationship Theory and Dr. John Sarno meet. I believe that the relationship between soul mates has the keys to the inner world expressed most by emotions. The Connecting power of words and Relationships created from within opens the doors to the healthy lifestyle we all deserve! Our Body and Soul is a gift that we can develop and heal with Unity principles we shall see below and explored!

Thank you, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu for being so #Awesomely open and #inspiring my…

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